Sunday, June 20, 2010

Organ Ground down

Farcical serial failure Mark Organ has been fined £1,500 for his latest comical attempt to 'liberate' chickens - SHACWATCH notes that this is his second appearance for failed operations and word reaches us The Organ wanted this one kept quiet as he feared it might make him look stupid!

No danger of that ORGAN - you really couldn't look more stupid!

On a more serious note I wonder how many of the duped contributors to Organs fraudulent 'charity' know that they are paying for his failure fines!


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Northern SHACwatcher said...

Meanwhile a couple of SHAC types in Yorkshire are still trying to keep the money coming with yet ever more new groups. The latest is 'Stop Animal Experiments in Sheffield' They tried their best to get a few hundred together for a march at the weekend and at one stage were talking about " 4 to 500 on the streets" in the end about 50 pathetic individuals had a slow slog through the streets to the general indifference of locals.

As is now well recognised these marches are far more about recruiting the next generation of money providers and grooming the young for 'actions'.

The march was a failure
The group is a failure
SHAC is a failure

Changing names doesn't change the failure