Tuesday, July 6, 2010

March Against the Murderers


O dear, o dear, o dear - how very embarrassing for them !

There were the usual claims for big numbers attending - 150 said one group, 250 said Steele in his original report before it was taken of his website. Some emails sent out this morning (asking of course for donations to SHAC related work) talk of 500 but as ever with SHAC events these are lies and for confirmation see the video, don't take my word for it, just watch the sad lonely, shuffle through town of the bunch of vegans that turned up. Most of us that saw them guess it was no more than about 30 or 40 (some drifted off halfway through) and what a pathetic sight they were. Ignored even by other animal rights people in the area who know full well this is no more than a Steele money making project the day was an utter failure.

funny how the words 'Steele', 'SHAC' and 'failure' seem to go together so well.


Anonymous said...

Lack of numbers for both big events like this and the regular smaller demos continues to be a problem for SHAC. Now that certain individuals are trying to set up their own offshoot organisations numbers are falling even more.
For example last Friday SHAC in London tried once again to get a reasonable number to their occasional demo outside AsraZeneca and Fortress Group but only six turned up. A few years ago there would have been 30 or 40. What's worse is that two of those there are far right extremists - why on earth SHAC would allow scum like that to be involved can only be guessed at. I assume they are so desperate for members they will take just about anybody.

The monthly direct debits and standing orders that for so long were a great source of income continue to decrease and the street collections are at an all time low (that's when they can get anybody to still do them.)

No new members, falling revenue and a leadership that is arguing amongst itself after the revelations about the overseas bank accounts - where SHAC goes from here is unclear which is why Steele and others are quickly forming their own groups - money is needed and needed fast.

Tom Cruise said...

Meanwhile just over the border in Derbyshire the curse of SHAC has popped up with the Derby Hunt Sabbing group. For a long time this was a small inoffensive bunch of students who got together to sit in a van, smoke, argue about veggie verses vegan and from time to time shout at the odd hunter. All very tame and harmless stuff however now they have had the misfortune to have become involved with a SHAC person who of course ever on the look out for the next source of donations has talked them into holding a "benefit gig". Already questions have been asked about expenses compared to revenue, where does the profit go, what is it being spent on and most of all - who gets to hold the money.

To Derby hunt sabs we say this -


Once SHAC has your money it will never be seen again.

Anonymous said...

SHACWATCH might like to investigate the links between SHAC in the North of the UK and Tom Holmes of Rotherham.

Tom's claim to fame is that he is also the political candidate for the far right BNP. The links between Nazism and AR are well documented but I would have thought that even SHAC would not stoop to admitting a self confesed racist into their group.

Donations seem to have been made.

Anonymous said...

hahaha shac back at thier best
steel talking out of his arse again

shac cambridge four pathetic people who go outside a place called kudos next to a collage in an attempt to get more people and ofcourse cash

shac birmingham
pathetic little one man band protesting at targets where no one cares or just laught

shac west yorkshire
steel and his two man band running around expecting pats on the back for everything they do

shac newcastle
non exsistant one man band

shac scotland
non exsistant no man band

shac wales
non existant

shac ireland
two man band and a laughble appreance to actually be achiveing things

shac london
boring motley crew who's only real inprovement is they are loseing numbers at a rapid pace
people sick of protesting at astrazeneca and fortress

SHAC are a compleat joke and allways have been
bye bye shac

E. Feel Tower said...

SHAC Paris now down to just three after it was discovered that two others were police.

SHAC fail !

SHACWatch Cambs said...

In what may have been the most pathetic SHAC demo ever seen the sad and the lonely made their way to Kudos Pharmaceuticals last Tuesday in Cambridge East England. The tiny Cambridge SHAC has been dormont for many month because one member who did most of the organising was ill (she was made better with drugs tested on animals but we'll let that pass).

Not understanding the phrase "flogging a dead horse" they carried out what they seemed to think was a demo but which in reality was a couple of lonely old dears sitting in deckchairs outside of a medical research centre while being ignored by both employees and passers by. They tried hard to cause a confrontation with the local police who dropped by to see what it was all about the by the two young coppers left laughing at their antics after a few minutes.

Hopefully with the school holidays here these confused old biddies will be spending some time with their grandchildren and not looking like fools any longer.

Anonymous said...

Following on from the incredible intelligence gathering skills of their fellow losers in Sweden (demo at the wrong person's house) the SHAC in New York USA decided to mount a demo at the home of a company director who turned out to be away on holiday !!!

If one looks up SHAC in the dictionary now it says "stupid"

Anonymous said...

Mel Broughton is caged once more.

He got the same ten year sentence as before, of which he has already served two and a half years.

Let's see if some of his ill-gotten assets can be seized under POCA now.

Anonymous said...

ooh, its like a right bunch of menstrual bitchy women gathering on here! handbags at dawn at animal activists!! ooooh touchy!! (and do i detect a bit of bulllshit , jealousy , and no mention of the good things animal activists have acheived?) aww we love u shacwatch, xxxx


Errr...... you faux camp tone is hardly appropriate for a group lead by Debz and her good mate Raven.

Oh and we don't list the 'good things' achieved by SHAC because they haven't achieved anything good - ever.

(with the arguable exception of their own long term imprisonment)

Anonymous said...

I would like to ask Anonymous please could you name the two people on the early July London demo who you are claiming to be far right extremists and provide some proof of this, many thanks.
Enquiring minds would like to know..

Countryside Alliance Person said...

To SHAC London person.

So you have two members of a Far right Nazi group taking part in your London demos and the only way you can identify them is by asking SHACWATCH ?

That is very, very funny.

The flying Dutchman said...

SHAC in London have far more to worry about that some Nazi nutters as members. Now that Renata Solazan knows who it was in London that grassed retribution is very likely.