Monday, June 21, 2010

Grim Up North...for SHAC

Northern SHACwatcher said...

Meanwhile a couple of SHAC types in Yorkshire are still trying to keep the money coming with yet ever more new groups. The latest is 'Stop Animal Experiments in Sheffield' They tried their best to get a few hundred together for a march at the weekend and at one stage were talking about " 4 to 500 on the streets" in the end about 50 pathetic individuals had a slow slog through the streets to the general indifference of locals.

As is now well recognised these marches are far more about recruiting the next generation of money providers and grooming the young for 'actions'.

The march was a failure
The group is a failure
SHAC is a failure

Changing names doesn't change the failure

Thanks for the report


Medawar said...


Is this someone from Austrian SHAC, or is it just another boring druggie?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes 'Stop Animal Experiments in Sheffield' AKA the latest Steele family income production idea. Regretfully the Yorkshire area does seem to include quite a few gullible types as one member of the family was recently overheard to say,

"we need as many new groups as possible, it doesn't matter if they're just websites and an email adress the important thing is that we ask for dontations and we keep on asking. The key to fund raising is to keep on asking over and over again. The people up here don't know much about the background of SHAC politics so they are a good source of donations"

Medawar said...

He's been nicked, twas only a fraudster.

But it does make one wonder where Greg's stash is located, pending his release.

It's Grim oop North said...

Grim indeed.

The various names that SHAC in the North has come up with in an attempt to distance itself from SHAC and keep the money coming in now include:

West Yorkshire Animal Rights
Stop Animal Experiments in Bradford
Stop Animal Experiments in Sheffield
Sheffield Animal Friends
Stop The Leicester Animal Lab

and a few others.

Behind the scenes they are of course the same bunch of loser vegans who find that living off other people's money is so much more enjoyable than earning their own. Their latest wheeze is the so called 'March against the murderers' early in July. In some ways this march is a big worry for SHAC as they know that unless there is a really good turnout with plenty of donations on the day there is going to be a struggle to convince present backers that AR in the region is worth supporting.

All these different names for the same bunch (all of whom would love to have the lifestyle that SHAC bought Greg, Natasha etc) is not convincing anybody and they have all been failures in terms of achieving anything meaningfull for the animals or in fund raising.

The smart money says that 500 people is the very minimum for a credible demo with at least £2000 raised on the day - will they achieve that ? We will see.

Medawar said...

There has to come a point where it'd actually be easier to earn an honest living, but for any compulsive liar, getting money is only half the game, the other half is forcing people to believe the nonsense.

And they do prefer to force people to believe something that defies logic, rather than come up with something that could be true.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Medawar - Greg's stash is safe enough. Those Cayman Island bankers can always be relied upon. Kevin Kjonaas has got proxy rights but hasn't used them so far - that may change the way the money is running out at the moment. Virginia Steele is reportadly very pissed off to have realised where her money was sent.

Countryside Alliance Person said...

West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group are proving to be as stupid as the SHAC cult that spawned them. They've been trying to whip up a bit of publicity with an anti Foi Gras campaign in the Yorkshire area. However this has backfired because as soon as a restaurant is targeted it is immediatly identified by our local Countryside Alliance group who ask for it to be supported by local members all of whom are encouraged to order the Foi Gras. Several local restaurants are now selling more Foi Gras because of the SHAC campaign.

As has been said before.....

"What a bunch of vegans"