Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Court Time for SHAC

SHAC is returning to it's favourite pastime - being prosecuted and convicted !

Having just failed to prevent another case coming to court we now know they will be appearing in September and AGAIN in January.

Is this getting through SHAC?

It won't end until you stop.

Until all are caged.


Lynn Sawyer's Vodka Supplier said...

Perhaps this is the reason for yet another renaming, now we have "The National Anti Vivisection Alliance" with SHAC such a discredited organisation and the knowledge of the true extent of the financial fraud spreading all over activist groups this may be the last hope of some to maintain their AR linked incomes.

IndyLies has covered it - some of the comments are quite funny and of course Loony Lynn was there as the useful idiot to defend it (I wonder if she knows how much she is manipulated ?)

Lynn Sawyer's vodka supplier said...

National Anti Vivisection Alliance - UPDATE

A quick look at ther website shows up that firstly they are asking for donations (surprise surprise, Luke needs a replacement income) but the address is :

PO Box 699,
OX16 6JQ

Now there's a surprise (not !)

Medawar said...

Someone needs to cage Mexican SHAC before people are killed. Dynamite and butane gas cylinders; subtle, eh?

Medawar said...

Medawar notes that The Guardian is now saying that the English Defence League, to which a few SHACs apparently belong, was founded in Luton.

Interesting, because that's where the ALF was started, too. And when the ALF was started, in the early seventies, there did follow things like Column 88 and Combat 18 in its wake.

They do not give a stuff about animals, and even the money doesn't motivate some of them. Behind it all, is someone who just promotes extremism in any form, perhaps under the justification that it's all a catalyst for change.

The trouble with catalysts, is that you can get a runaway reaction.

Remembering Cable St. said...

Interesting, SHAC changed its contact address recently to one in London shared with Combat 18 the Right Wing Neo Nazi organisation.

Already a number of links to the Far Right English Defence League (a BNP front organisation) have been shown for SHAC so it seems the ever growing control of the UK AR movement by the Far Right is continuing.

The loss of supporters and funding for SHAC over the past four years has seen them accept a number of questionable people becoming involved.

The Far Right in Britain has a long history of informing to the police or Searchlight for money a practice that has become commonplace in the AR world in the past 12 months. Are the two connected I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people in AR are questioning the influx of far right types of late. SHAC will take any one

London shacwatcher said...

Meanwhile back in the fantasy world of SHAC reporting we have the latest write up of a recent demo. Last Friday a few of the usual faces did their usual 20 minutes of shouting outside their usual buildings. One of these was of course AstraZeneca. Now AZ people stopped taking notice of these rather sad little non events months ago but SHAC just can't stand the thought that they are ignored so they have started to come up with increasingly bizzare David Ike style allegations. The latest of these is,

"As we arrived there AZ security were already looking out for us and got on their radios"

This did not seem likely so I spoke to the AZ Press Office and sure enough the truth is somewhat different. What SHAC claimed to be AZ security were Traffic Wardens. Three of London's unit dedicated to stopping illegal parking and keeping the traffic flowing, their radio calls were in relation to a badly parked van.

The SHAC losers started shouting at the wardens accusing them of being baby killers and animal exploiters but like all London Traffic Wardens (who get abused all day) they simply ignored the SHAC. The AZ doorman who witnesed all of this passed it on to the office as it was so funny.

More SHAC failure, more SHAC lies.

After this failure the sad little bundle of collective stupidity threw a little tantrum and left.

What a bunch of vegans !

Anonymous said...

Lynn may well be manipulated as another shacwatcher here says but I think she is still one of the few left who still thinks SHAC is about animal rights and closing HLS. I really do think she doesn't understand the reality of SHAC today and the money making enterprise it became. She must wonder why people like Steele are setting up new groups in new towns when SHCc already existed there - for the money of course. Anybody close to the top of SHAC saw what can be earnt.

Of course it's possible she's just not that bright :-)