Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Now that's waht I call Ironic -

The main player in the ALF support group - a total fool called Mark Organ has been convicted of a bungled raid on a chicked farm!

The irony is he supplies cash to 'vegan' prisioners (and Gerrah) while they are banged up - I wonder who will do it for him?

So much for all the lies about the ALFSG being fully legal etc.....

Until All are Caged


Anonymous said...

He will go down this time - he was done for the same thing years ago but got off with a fine. He dons't seem to learn does he.

Medawar said...


for the next campaign movement in line to be wrecked and discredited by pointless violence, theft and fraud. Medawar confidently predicts that the violent protestors "for" Red Indian rights will turn out to be behind much stalking of legitimate, mainstream Red Indian community leaders and so on.

This is too foul a mess for the ALF's Rodney Coronado to keep his distance.

And it's going to be interesting to see if we ever find out who's bankrolling this campaign.

Anonymous said...

ALF, SHAC, VPSG, SPEAK, etc etc etc

All part of the same problem, all part of the same failure. SHAC and its ilk can come up with as many new names as it likes. The failure continues


Hey SHAC - no pithy comments about Organs latest embarrassing failure?

You weren't hoping we would miss this were you?

Anonymous said...

As has been speculated on a couple of AR websites was Mark dobbed in by either Liz or Paul because they were unhappy with his control of the prisoners money ?

Did that new laptop get paid for by donations intended for prisoner payments ?

Time will tell, as a number of people in the AR movement recently discovered informing pays well.

Evening all said...

Informng does indeed pay well. The Far Right in the UK have a long history of informing on each other either to settle scores or as a source of income. Now that so many Far Right nutters are involved with campaigns like SHAC this is the reason for the sudden increase in informats ?