Friday, May 14, 2010

Coalition of the defeated

Word reaches SHACWATCH that a curious mixture of AR and ALF detritus has been turning up at Leicester.

It seems bits of the failed SPEAK campaign have been protesting with bits of the failed and jailed SHAC campaign and all under the illiterate direction of the notorious failed ALF activist Luke Steele.

Grow up – the steelwork is already up in Leicester – so you have failed there as well– meanwhile other universities are building their own facilities.



Anonymous said...

Does it have to be somewhere John Curtin can get to easily, without the gyrocopter?

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of animal lovers read your blog..could I please encourage you to include more on your own view of animal welfare? I think you could help encourage people to stray away from illegal activities especially the younger ones. A kinder approach might be better!


You misunderstand - this isn't about animal welfare - this is about SHAC.

It is impossible to be too hard on the disgusting fraud called SHAC although SHACWATCH will strive to achieve this.

Anonymous said...

I know it's not but if you are able to get some kids on board, that's a few less for SHAC to have. I'd like to say more but I am conscious of privacy on here.

For The Animals said...

In reply to 'Anonymous' who was asking about the views of Shacwatch on animal rights. I can't speak for the author of Shacwatch but I can tell you my story.

Animal Rights has been a passion of mine for over fifteen years, I have been involved in a number of campaigns, I have stood and collected money, I have written letters, I have spoken at meetings, I have marched on demos. I am convinced that SHAC, the tactics it adopted and the people who ran it have done more to set back the cause of Animal Rights in Britain that just about anything else, that's why I read and very occasionaly contribute to Shacwatch.

I believe SHAC to be corrupt, to have used money intended for AR work to support the lives of an inner elite, to have crossed the lines into terrorism on occasion and worst of all, very worst of all to have allowed the arguments around this so very important issue to be lost.

SHAC achieved nothing, it alienated people who supported the cause, it wasted money, it lied about infiltration of its organising team and compromised the details of thousands of supporters, it allowed the government to portray AR people as criminals and nutcases just at the time when support for the cause was growing and it gave an excuse to the state to prop up groups like HLS which would have probably folded by now as a result of commercial pressure.

AR work in Britain is now twice as hard as it once was because of SHAC, people who I know no longer sent money to AR causes or are prepared to come on demos because they do not want to be associated with the SHAC label.

The sooner SHAC is finaly compltely gone the better.


Anonymous said...

Steele is running this ?

People's details should be with the cops pretty quickly then.