Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yet another ALF/SHAC loon

Meet Robert Griffith - he is caged for sending disgusting letters to innocent members of the public - like so many SHAC supporters Robert has learning difficulties.

Makes you wonder what sort of sick campaign would use a bloke like Robert in such a way - but this isn't the first time SHAC has done this. Remember Jameson? or Jaggers?

SHAC - abusing those with learning dificulties for their evil ends


Anonymous said...

SHAC has a well detailed history of using the mentaly ill as dupes. Look at how Dean Cain was used -

SHAC use and discard these people.

Anonymous said...

The Special Needs teacher and multiple-cause activist Richard Wiggs invented the game of using the mentally-handicapped children he was paid taxpayer's money to teach and care for, for political purposes, back in the seventies.

Warren Christopher said...

So the leaders of SHAC were masterminding all of Robert's actions from their prison cells?

Or perhaps Barry Horne forced Robert into it from beyond the grave...?

Anonymous said...

Why call him a "loon"?
If you are accusing SHAC of misusing him because of his learning difficulties it doesn't help your case if you describe this man as a "loon".
He has learning difficulties and that isn't his fault.


His actions not his disability define him.

It's those that preyed upon him and put those twisted plans in his mind that are the most despicable.