Thursday, September 3, 2009

UK gathering a waste of time

SHACWATCH has received reports from the 'gathering' in Northants - aside for the lowest numbers ever this year there is little to report.
Apparently the bankrupt drunk MAX was back – he must need the money badly!

Anyway - is't it about time for some more guilty pleas?


Medawar said...

Has Andrew Kirk decided to "protest" about horse-racing, having got bored with both SHAC and the Christmas Commandos nonsense?

Medawar said...

Not Andrew Kirk, for the fire, at least.
Amazingly, it's a homicidal arsonist who ISN'T in the ALF so far as anybody knows. Their recruitment policy must be failing!

Is Max Gastone basically Sicilian?
Medawar wonders, idly, why he'd never been nicked like all the Anglo-Saxon SHAC prominenti?

He was anti-angling before he was in SHAC, and there have been many attacks where anglers, especially disabled or elderly ones, have been attacked with iron bars on canal towpaths etc.

Two thirds of all ALF violence has nothing to do with research and almost nothing is done about it by the police in consequence. This must change.

Medawar said...

SHAC aren't the only terrorists falling apart:

The inability to organize training camps seems to be catching...