Friday, September 11, 2009

Dean Cain - liar caught out again

UPDATE - apparently Dean has been imprisoned again for breeching his licence - what a total failure this boy is! Ideal SHAC supporter

Remember this pathetic post?

"....Dean is unique he doesnt spend his spare time or money drinking alcohol, smoking or taking drugs instead he lives his life dedicating his time and money to worthy causes i dont no much about shac or their actions i just know that deans is a decent human being with decent principles not all of them in line with todays regular twenty something males."

At the time we asked if you believed Dean would go straight - guess what? It was all lies!

Dean has just been charged with shoplifting and assault - tiresome maggot.


Medawar said...

Does "SHAC" now stand for:
Shoplifters, Harridans And Lewis Pogson?

Animal Lover said...

Once a person is involved with SHAC it's very difficult for them to rebuild their lives. Dean is certainly a victim of SHAC as this latest sad episode in his life shows all to well.

It's pleasing to see how SHAC is now such a small organisation with nothing like the money it once had, I hope that others who like Dean thought that SHAC was a way to help animals can learn by his mistakes and choose another path in life.

The grooming of vulnerable individuals like Dean has been in my opinion the most appalling of all the terrible things that SHAC has done over the last ten years. Good to see them withering away to the rump of a few nutters.

Anonymous said...

I think that for many at the top of SHAC it stood for :

Still Handy for Accumulating Capital

But as we know those days are gone, interesting to see how many have drifted away from SHAC now the cash has stopped rolling in, never mind they can always move on to creating an L Ron Hubbard style cult as the next way to get less than bright teenagers to hand over their earnings.

Medawar said...

I rather fear that the money and the covert backing is being poured into the sabbing movement instead: someone was paying for the gyrocopter they were stalking people with before they used it to murder someone.

Rather then infiltrate groups like SHAC, I think the authorities ought to hunt down the organ grinders, like Ronnie Lee and Tim Daley, a bit more.

Lynn Sawyers Vodka Supplier said...

Woops seems like the little "toys out of the pram" incidents at York AR have spilled over onto Indymedia's UK site.

Mathew Gibbons may or may not be a police informer but the old saying about a woman scorned seems to have come true with this posting !

In Dean Caine news the ever reliable moderators under a desperate plea from their friends in SHAC are trying to cover up Dean's shoplifting and present him as some sort of SHAC hero persecuted by the police.

One nutcase (Lynn ?) even tried to suggest that the police set up the shoplifting just to nick him again - hilarious !

All mention of the fact that Dean is just a thief was of course rapidly hidden by the moderators in case the wider readership get to know the truth.

Indymedia UK always a reliable source of SHAC news - NOT !

Ronald McDonald said...

SHAC manage six people at a demo - is this the biggest turnout in years ?

Over on the SHAC website they are wetting themselves with excitement because a recent demo at Ciba Vision managed six people however things are not quite as they seem from the SHAC report.

Firstly it wasn't six it was five, the sixth person was a Ciba Vision employee standing with them (you mean you didn't know that SHAC ? How very worrying for you.)

Secondly because they were ignored by both Ciba security and the staff the SHAC losers got all frustrated and decided to protest...........

wait for it ........

A local burger van !

Five sad losers from SHAC shouting at twenty grinning laughing people eating cheesburgers and hot dogs. Must be why there are no photos of this demo. LOL !

For those who don't know by the way Ciba Vision is a manufacturer of contact lenses, their work allows people to see again !

Indeed they are well liked in the local area with a community investment program that supports initiatives that promote eye health and work to prevent blindness with particular emphasis on programmes serving at-risk populations including children, the elderly and the underprivileged.

Bit of a difference to SHAC !

Anonymous said...

Dean Cain is not a vulnerable individual at all. Have we all forgotten that this is a 27 year old man?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Dean Cain is not a vulnerable individual at all. Have we all forgotten that this is a 27 year old man?"

Anonymous, you are of course right but it's worth taking a step back with Dean, this was an individual groomed by SHAC, used by SHAC, discarded by SHAC. He deserves some sympathy.