Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ciba Vision

A Shacwatcher speaks:-

SHAC manage six people at a demo - is this the biggest turnout in years ?

Over on the SHAC website they are wetting themselves with excitement because a recent demo at Ciba Vision managed six people however things are not quite as they seem from the SHAC report.

Firstly it wasn't six it was five, the sixth person was a Ciba Vision employee standing with them (you mean you didn't know that SHAC ? How very worrying for you.)

Secondly because they were ignored by both Ciba security and the staff the SHAC losers got all frustrated and decided to protest...........

wait for it ........

A local burger van !

Five sad losers from SHAC shouting at twenty grinning laughing people eating cheesburgers and hot dogs. Must be why there are no photos of this demo. LOL !

For those who don't know by the way Ciba Vision is a manufacturer of contact lenses, their work allows people to see again !

Indeed they are well liked in the local area with a community investment program that supports initiatives that promote eye health and work to prevent blindness with particular emphasis on programmes serving at-risk populations including children, the elderly and the underprivileged.

Bit of a difference to SHAC !


Anonymous said...

At least they got five to this one, the pathetic demo outside Sanofi on September 9th got only two ! This despite lots of phone calls and emails trying to encourage more to attend.

Although they at least made it to the right office, the SHAC demo back in August at BDO Stoy Hayward consisted of a 20 minute demo outside the wrong building !

Anonymous said...

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Do SHAC think ?