Thursday, September 17, 2009

SHAC B team face the deadline

The rest of SHAC - those not already in jail - were given until Friday the 18th of September to admit their guilt.
If they fail this simple task they will get no discount when they are found guilty - just like Heather was.
Now are they feeling lucky? After all their co-conspirators were found guilty on the same evidence they face (those that hadn't already pleaded guilty, like Greg).
Or are they unable to face the consequences of their actions?

Here is a clue for them - you did it - you are guilty.
Admit it and go to jail - or don't and go to jail for longer - it's not that hard to work out.
The one choice you no longer have is NOT to got to jail - but nobody forced you to join SHAC.


Medawar said...

Didn't Derek and Clive have a song for this sort of moment?

Medawar said...

What's needed is a sort of de-nuttification programme, similar to the de-nazification programme where Nazis were held in a camp at Clapham, North Beds, and made to read economics textbooks (one of which Medawar has) for a couple of years until they'd got the idea of doing something useful with the rest of their lives. The result used to be described as an "economic miracle" for Germany.

By an amazing coincidence, the Home Office has built a bespoke concentration camp on the opposite edge of the same former airfield as the de-nazification camp, and it's got more than enough space for the entire UK AR movement.

(If the non-criminal mothers and children currently in there were let out, it might improve our international image more than slightly.)

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if Sean Kirtley decides to do anything about the individual who informed on him. Some in SHAC know who it was, Sean knows who it was but will he risk doing anything knowing he is under police scrutiny ? Previous Police informers within SHAC have done rather well out of their activites, money, a car and for one lucky individual a pleasant little place in France. It's well known in police circles that NECTU was got deep pockets and is prepared to use them to obtain information and convictions. Some are of the opinion that was the temptation of money rather than sex with an undercover policewoman that caused an Indymedia moderator to spill the beans and pass the Indymedia IP number records to the police.

Let the games begin !

Anonymous said...

NETCU does not run informers. That job is done by NPOIU. In fact NETCU has not been funded this year as much as it has in previous years. The funding is likely to be reduced further next year. This just shows the Government isn't serious about confronting animal rights extremists. NETCU is being starved of money and officers.

Medawar said...

They are still out there, threatening to kill and rape.

Doubtless, Lynn Sawyer will claim they were framed. One day, we will get her to claim that "X" has been framed before X has been named...