Friday, August 7, 2009

Where is the FOOL?

Where has he gone?

He didn't go to Norway with his remaining co-conspirators.

Does his ASBO allow him to go to Northampton?

Is he doing another joke TV programme?

Or - and most unlikely - has he grown up?


Medawar said...

En Suisse?

Medawar said...

Does anyone know if the
"World Fund for Cancer Research" is actually a PETA front?

It's just that it's latest campaign to stop children eating ham sandwiches bears more than a passing resemblance to PETA's campaign to stop them drinking milk: "Bring back rickets, you know it makes sense!"

Also, it might fool the gullible into giving them money instead of Cancer Research UK or some other charity that actually sponsors scientific research.

Medawar is sceptical of the science content of WFCR "research" and would like to know how much cash its existence diverts from other charities?

In the meantime, your children probably will not die of cancer if they have the occasional slice of "sty kitten" in their lunchbox.

Medawar said...

The ghouls have claimed responsibility for the latest grave-robbery:

Atwood usually only publishes claims when he thinks his people are safe from arrest, so perhaps the culprit is home in the UK now. There is no way that anyone German, Austrian or Swiss wrote the text!

Medawar said...

Science marches on:


Anonymous said...

Brendan lives in a house paid for by SHAC


yes - we have seen censored post on indlies about this - tell us more Brendan hating person

Medawar said...

The ALF used to own a bungalow just by the entrance to Whych Farm near Malvern. They were there, noting down number plates, for a couple of years before they actually made a move against the place.

Presumably, this is a tactic they have repeated and they quietly own flats or cheap houses near a lot of their targets.