Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strategic failure

BUAV reports a 14% rise in animal experimentation last year. SHACWATACH doesn’t really care one way or the other but it is another indicator of SHAC failure.

11 years in jail and a 14% increase in testing – that’s SHAC!

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Medawar said...

ALF terrorism means that the authorities have stopped scrutinizing licence applications as rigorously as they used to. Probably, in a calmer, violence and threat-free atmosphere, the overall number of experiments could be reduced rather than rising.

SHAC may be dying, but there is still ALF activity happening, and the targeting is increasingly random. The most extreme violence is currently being seen from "Sabs" (ever the case, really) about whom the government does not much care. Which is unwise.

Re: the Camden "sanity" protest.
The Camden Lab is almost certainly wanted as part of the response to biological warfare threats, and as such needs to be located near the targets, because hours count.

There was, in the seventies, a drama "Warship" where a frigate crew investigate a bio-hazard lab on a remote island, as some of the Camden protestors are demanding. The plot suggested that the island location was madness (but done to please the UN and the USA), as islands are subject to strong winds, strong currents and are concentrated staging points for migrating wildlife.

IE: a bird-'flu lab on a island might suddenly have a million or so birds land nearby.