Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Moon over Camden?

Look at these loons:- http://animalrightsinfiltrators.blogspot.com/

and also :- http://j-camdenssanitybrigade.blogspot.com/

This seems to be a continuation of the hilarious spat between Mad Mandy Ford AKA Shac Mandy and the serial looser Brendan McNally AKA 'Dodgy AR Type'.

Ordinarily we would say they are giving the movement a bad name - but of course that isn't possible in this context!

Keep taking the pills Mandy - Brendan, get a life


Medawar said...

Their quote about atrocities in laboratories from George Bernard Shaw is interesting:

Between the world wars, Shaw filmed an appeal "to the men of science" to create a humane poison gas for getting rid of the unemployed, the retarded and the workshy.

What has Medawar been saying about the links between the animal rights movement and the neo-Nazis going back decades?

Medawar said...

The other thing is this:
The Animal Rights Movement has lived by infiltration, black propaganda (lies) and false flag operations since the Small Brown Dog affair in Edwardian times.

If it dies by this means, it will be only appropriate.