Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calm down dear

SHACWATCH is amused to read the recent drug addled rantings on Indylies today. These appear to be written by Mad Mandy Ford AKA SHAC Mandy AKA a right loon.

Just for clarity - SHACWATCH isn't SHAC.

SHAC is a criminal conspiracy most of which is currently in prison for their crimes.
The rest are on bail waiting to be imprisoned.

SHAC turns up at normal people’s houses and screams obscenities - SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHAC publishes the home addresses of innocent people and incites attacks on them - SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHAC collects money for animals and steals it – SHACWATCH doesn’t.

SHACWATCH does publish the sentences SHAC receives for their crimes.
SHACWATCH does highlight SHAC lies.
SHACWATCH does ridicule SHAC when they fail time and time again.

SHACWATCH will continue to do this until

All are caged

1 comment:

Medawar said...

Did "Mandy Ford" ever have anything to do with the ALF/amphetamine dealer Carl Parrin, or the Amphetamine smuggler Claire Aadms?