Monday, July 27, 2009

Once, twice, three times a failure.

Oh dear - look who's camping by the side of the road! Yes it's our favourite failure loony Lynn and her cadre of cannon fodder. In a local rag Potty Potter has lied and stated that this is the lawful end of AR.

Is this the same SHAC that burgled the farm last year? Is this the same SHAC that revisited the farm in the middle of the night and got 3 members a year in jail? Is this the same SHAC that published pictures of the burglary on it's website? Is this the same SHAC that Lewis belongs to - the same Lewis currently remanded in custody on charges of burglary at the same farm?

Yes I thought so - SHAC the Liars

Better behave yourselves SHAC - there are so few of you left!


paulshac said...

is this this this years ar gathering , paulshac .

Anonymous said...

So Debz is feeding you Josie?

Medawar said...

SHAC can't even manage a decent bivouac!

Medawar said...

There's so much hate plastered across the internet about Josie Hitchens, whoever she is, being behind Shacwatch, that perhaps it's time for Medawar to air his own theory:

Shacwatch is clearly run by someone with a goodly number of inside lines to the animal rights movement.

Shacwatch is also frequently accused of having access to top-level police information, of the sort available only to Superintendents or HIGHER!

Medawar can think of someone very high ranking in the police, who has also spent many man-years online to anarchist websites and chatrooms, building up his contact list. Step forward, Brian Paddick -and don't be shy!