Friday, July 10, 2009

One week to go!

OK - One week to go till the crushing of the SHAC fraud continues.

Who will take the cowards way out like Greg & Natasha?
Who will get extra for not pleading guilty like Heather?

Alfie, Nikki, Tom, Sarah and Jason - come on down - your freedom is over. Time to pay for your actions.

Until all are caged.


Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Lynn Sawyer (aka the Harpie o Evesham) is getting very worried about the trial.

Infact, it has sent her a little insanely into a few habbits which no amount of pills can sort out! Last week, she was seen getting drunk out of her face on a cocktail of whisky and wine staggering down the streets of evesham and dancing with random strangers. Not only this, she has an unhealthy obsession with cleaning everything inside out perfectly and tries to groom others into her madness.

Medawar said...

Perhaps the next constable to encounter her in this state ought to conduct her to a recognized place of safety for a psychiatric assessment. This is not the same as "sectioning" but it does allow someone competent to determine if her behaviour is due to the wine/whisky cocktail, or whether she has a problem causing her to imbibe this in the first place.

There's nothing to be gained by letting her do herself in.

Medawar said...

Are we nearly there yet?

Anonymous said...

SHACWATCH is done by Josie Hitchens!