Thursday, July 9, 2009

Novartis laugh as 'Nightmare' flops

SHAC can't even get a turnout for one of their high profile target days!

6 fools in the UK - on the wrong day!

4 in Finland

and a small car load in Holland!

Pathetic waste of time SHAC - when will you learn?

When Alfie pleads? When Sarah Pleads - is the awful truth beggining to dawn.

You failed - You are failures.


Medawar said...

Yes, but the way they spin it:
There was at least one policeman in attendance for every protester!

Anonymous said...

“The number of activists isn\'t huge, but their impact has been incredible.”

- Brian Cass


"'We could go there and shout at people, but they just don't care."

Greg Avery

(Fun this quote game eh?)

Anonymous said...

How about

"'You're not going to be laughing when your children are screaming at night.' "

Gerrah SELBY

Medawar said...

It is possible that some of you cannot tell the difference between doing a great deal of evil, and achieving any good results.

SHAC's Robert Moaby, for example, had an impact on the world, in terms of children's lives ruined by the particular trade he was a part of, but Medawar struggles to see the positive in his actions.