Friday, March 13, 2009

Who? What?

Remember this? - this is supposed to be 'Naomi SCOTT' launching 'violence free science at Sussex university. In fact It's the notoriously promiscuous Natasha SIMPKINS of SHAC, wearing the beagle suit bought by ALF infiltrator Adrian RADFORD.

Now Violence free science has suddenly vanished from the web - why? What are you hiding Natasha? Was Adrian another conquest even though he was also in Stonewall? Who has the suit now? SHACWATCH thinks 'tash may be needing a little dutch courage just to keep going. You know the way out 'tash.


Barney said...

Adrian's "conquests" of female members of shac were the stuff of legend. More than one male member questioned his so called homosexuality.

In fact the truth is simple, Adrian used the oldest trick in the book the so called gay man who wants to be friends with women, he then confides in them how he is unsure of his sexuality and waht do you know a gullible young girl thinks that she is the one who "turned him" to to straight.

Poor Natasha was in tears when she discovered she was in fact the fifth women that month to have "helped" Adrian.

Hi fives all round for Adrian from his mates down the Ship and Anchor on Fridays !

Barney said...

Poor Lynn Sawyer, it seems that Adrian's time with women didn't include her according to her posts on Indylier

Using this as the basis for reasoning Lynn has concluded that because Adrian didn't make a pass at her then he couldn't have made a pass at any woman !

One word for you Lynn - "MIRROR"

Brendan Hughes said...

Poor old Shacwatch... to busy thinking about COCK. It's true that those that talk, don't get it. The only reason I got involved with animal rights it's cos it's full of girls, perhaps you should join in and stop missing out?

Medawar said...

Brendan: Perhaps this might be more to the true tastes of Celtic ALF terrorists:

Alison Foster said...

Poor deluded 'Brendan Hughes', if only your decision to join shac had resulted in you getting a girlfriend. I don't think that standing very close to young women outside HLS counts as a relationship 'Brendan' LOL !

We rejected you as quick as we saw through you. shac might need people but we sure didn't need you.