Friday, March 13, 2009

And another one is gone.......

Sarah WHITEHEAD - deluded fool. She thought she would get out early from her dog theft incarceration but she forgot that she was guilty of the SHAC blackmail. The court didn't forget.

She can stay in jail until they sentence her to some more jail time.

Who will be next to buckle under the pressure? SHACWATCH thinks it will be VOSPER.

Until ALL are caged.

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Anonymous said...

It says much about the intelligence level of some individuals involved with SHAC that like here they can be used by others. In Sarah's case it was by the neighbours of the dog owner.

The beagles owners were left alone by the RSPCA after 3 inspections and having seen a photo of the dog in the local press he hardly looked mistreated. But it seems neighbours didn't like the dog living next door as they slept during the day and could hear him when he barked so they complained about his barking etc so much so that his owners were forced to take measures such as the bark collar and even called in a dog behaviorist to try to help the beagle have a happy life but instead the neighbours just used Sarah to get the dog gone for them by claiming cruelty. The wooden cage was actually a kennel and large decked area for him to run and play in, the tying to radiator was merely to calm him down before he was let off his lead in the lounge as he used to jump all over the furniture like puppies do (both recommended by behaviourist), the muzzle was merely used to stop him chewing the wood of his kennel as he had previously got a splinter from doing it (recommended by RSPCA) and he could actually drink with it on, and having been walked 2-3 times a day by the owners and family he was hardly neglected. People tell people what they want to hear.
Sarah heard the words "animal cruely" and rather then checking the facts just stole the dog.

Of course some might ask why she didn't notice why a so called abused dog was so fit happy and healthy but like I said not the sharpest tool in the bag !