Monday, March 30, 2009

Potty Nicked again

Little Chrissy Pottymouth Potter has been nicked again - anybody know why this time?

He really can't stay out of trouble can he.


Medawar said...

Do you mean this?

"Conspiracy to spoil the Prime Minister's anointment as saviour of the world" is a more serious charge than SHAC has ever faced before!


No - not that one but I'm told that that was also an AR loon - but like all these loons he has many issues. Greek animal rescue????

Anonymous said...

SHAC leadership (or what's left of it) is in disaray at the moment, the full implication of just how much information the police has on SHAC is begining to sink in. Their attempts to hush up the level of infiltration within the SHAC organisation has rebounded on them and the money supply is drying up. The desperate nature of the cover up reflects the wish of some within SHAC to hide from the broader membership just how little their hard work has achieved and is hoping to avoid difficult questions about where the money has gone.

Expect to see repeated requests for donations and regular spamming of news sites like Indymedia, Libcom, and others with made up stories of "animal liberation" and success. We have already seen this on Indymedia where Lynn Sawyer and others have been posting weekly attempts to proclaim everything as fine despite everybody now knowing the truth.