Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hey Lynnnfool - publish an apology for all your insulting posts denying that SHAC/ALF was infiltrated

- oh and BTW you are right about your jailed co-conspirators not being an item. A couple of bunk ups doesn't count - if you doubt that, ask them!


Anonymous said...

Seems that Indymedia editors in the UK are under increasing pressure to have an apology over the Lynn Sawyer affair. Looks like some SHAC people were unhappy to have been told that there was no infiltration of the SHAC organisation by Lynn Sawyer when it seemed she knew all along.

Will SHAC also be issuing details of what information has been passed to the police, whose names are now with investigators, it seems likely that some individuals were fooled by the SHAc propaganda and really thought their money was going to help animals rather than paying the lifestyle costs of senior SHAC people.
Will they be getting a refund I wonder ?

Anonymous said...

SHAC is currently having a massive witch hunt over this affair and the recent revelation (quickly hushed up on Indymedia of course) that there are probably still some others who are reporting to the police.

The scandal for ordinary SHAC members is that this has been known about by those at the top of SHAC for many months but of course those at the bottom who do the work, raise the money, stand in the rain at demos etc etc are considered not to need to know.

The Indymedia UK moderator known as Animal Rep from Bristol who is already loathed by some of the other UK mods is now all over the private Indymedia IRC system trying to push the idea that this is just a minor setback and not the begining of the end for SHAC.

Loony Lynn Sawyer's apology for misleading Indymedia readers is of course still not there.......

Anonymous said...

Earlier this year after the truth about police informers in shac was posted all over Indy UK the nectuwatch website penned a lovely piece which denied everything and blamed it all on lies.

In fact research now shows that nearly everything that was written by those shac activists who knew full well that an informer(s) was at work and was being covered up was spot on accurate.

I have posted to the nectuwatch site a comment but of course they didn't allow it, I have posted to Indy UK they hid it and then deleted the post and comments alltogether. This now seems to be the norm at Indy as because a lot of people are aware of how to read the hidden posts and comments Indy editors are removing posts compltely to prevent them being seen. This on the back of the disclosure by a former editor (called Ben) that despite the promises Indy does in fact record IP details from posters and recently passed them to the police after a threat of criminal charges against an administrator.

No response from shac to those people who must now know their names, home address, job details and the rest are in the hands of the police because of shac.