Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Give it up...

ALF / SHAC revisionists have been spamming Indylies with fantasies about the exhumation of Gladys Hammond by the Yoxhall gang.

In some of these fantasies she wasn't dug up at all in others she was but by the police, MI5 or elvis!

SHAC - give this up. Gladys Hammond was the most spectacaular own goal by the ALF - you would like to think it didn't happen for that reason alone.

You would also like to think that ARE people didn't do it as that shows them to be rather sick and you don't like to think what that makes you.

The hard fact is that you did do it - you are that sick.

Own this and you may be on the way to recovery.


Until ALL are caged.

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Medawar said...

History is remarkably fluid in their hands:

There was no violent takeover in Angel Alley -and the year it didn't happen was 1990, not 1979!

No piglets were ever burned to death by the Band of Mercy!

Gillian Stark was never expelled from Hitchin Girls Grammar School for threatening the headmistress in an effort to get the school to drop biology A'level as a course option.
This was a campaign mounted by Ronnie Lee and others, using Stark as a figurehead while she was still of school age. Brave or what?
(She has since inherited a house, (Pirton Rd, Hitchin) on condition she devote her life to animal rights terrorism. Medawar is surprised that Shacwatch hasn't heard from her, because she's in breach of her parent's will if she doesn't terrorize people, apparently. Her sister had the good sense to refuse all part in this bizarre convenant.)

They also catastrophically rewrote the natural history of the British Isles with the mink liberations! Liberating mink has become a sort of pagan ritual for them: idolatory does not pay!