Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We take little pleasure...

We take little pleasure in being right this time but as predicted Vosper has buckled under the presure and pleaded GUILTY to the full charge of Blackmail.
This one is sad as Vosper was only 15 when she was groomed and predated by SHAC - those responisble are almost all caged and the rest will foillow soon enough.

Who will be next to take the easy way out?

Until ALL are caged


Medawar said...

This has long been the ALF way: Gillian Stark was about fourteen when first selected to "lead" (ie: take the blame for) the ALF campaign against biology teaching at Hitchin Girl's Grammar School.

This was about the time the ALF was founded in Luton; Ronnie Lee didn't travel very far to find his first bit of jailbait to exploit, as Gillian's home was about fifty yards from the junction of Pirton Road with the A505 from Luton.

No-one has mentioned Ronnie Lee's name in connection with the policy of recruiting teenagers like Vosper and putting them in the line of fire, but then, Ronnie Lee and the line of fire are strangers and that's the whole point of the cowardly policy.

Perhaps one day, one of these hapless young people will spill the beans on how extensively they were brainwashed and abused, and what part the older and seldom seen founder-generation of the ALF played in their abuse.

Medawar thinks that the abuse may go further than just getting the teenagers to commit serious crimes on behalf of the greybeards.

Anonymous said...

The good news is that some are begining to realise that SHAC is a nasty organisation and needs to be rejected, the London site of Indymedia has set up a filter to reject all SHAC related postings and some of the admins who work on London also are involved with the main UK Indymedia site and are trying to have the same policy there.
This is obviously good news as the wider activist community recognises SHAC for what it is and appreciates the damage it has done to the cause of preventing animal cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Re London Indymedia blocking SHAC.

This has been an issue that the majority of the London Indymedia moderators have been talking about for some time in private but it has now come out into the open. The famous SHAC / Indymedia cross poster Lynn Sawyer has been red in the face with rage trying to get this policy changed but her strident emails have had the opposite effect, indeed one London administrator stated in an email to others,

"I'm begining to understand what it must be like to be an executive with an HLS supplier, the SHAC people just bombard you with their demands and then issue threats when you don't agree with them. I have to say I find it very unpleasant. I am inclined to always resist this type of tactic as a matter of principle"

Benny said...

A weekend bunfight saw one or two of the Indymedia editors really lose it over the banning of Shac from Indymedia.

Indymedia London now seems to regard the banning of SHAC related posts as yesterday's news and despite the attempts of some to get it back on the agenda most people have now moved on and are concenrating on other issues such as the G20 summit that is coming up.

Hat tip to Indy admin 'Garcon de Monde' who not only was able to see the damage being done to Indymedia by shac but also had the guts to stand up to them and give them the slapping they so deserved.

Other Indy sites such as Birmingham, South Coast and Bristol are expected to follow London and introduce their own shac filters very soon.