Friday, February 4, 2011

Gerrah is out!

"You won't be laughing when your children are crying in the night!"

We wonder if Gerrah is still laughing - will she behave like a normal person now? Does she even know how?

Time will tell - Gerrah has a 5 year ASBO to ensure she behaves!

If you see her slipping back to her old ways - you know who to tell!


Once a grass always a grass said...

Everyone in AR knows that Gerah is a sell out.

Went down in Jan 2009 for four years. Not a word from her for months until the summer of 09 when she said she had been "keeping her head down" in fact her mother had already started the process of trying to get her out early if she helped the police with information.

This came to a head just before Christmas 2010 when she agreed to provide information on "violent elements with the AR community". She was released shortly after.

Most of us will have nothing to do with her now.

Anonymous said...

She was sentenced to 4 years in Jan 2009 ? Now let me see, that means she'd serve 2 years out in late December 2010, that's her two years served....where's the benefit she got from allegedly grassing then ???!!!

I think you really, really should give at least a little bit of thought to your misrepresentations before posting them!

Anonymous said...

As they are released these people need to be monitored 24/7 .

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news from Lynn Sawyer. In a week when there has been bad news from various parts of the world a small snippet of information from Lynn Sawyer really made my weekend. Writing over at IP Logging UK - Sorry Indymedia UK Lynn writes,

"I have chosen not to have children"

Something that all of us here at SHACWatch can be grateful for.



Anonymous said...

"Chosen not to" ?

Looking at any pictures of SHAC people makes clear they are most likely players of the solo instrument.

Anonymous said...

@ once a grass always a grass. your post cracked me up. prisoners can't be released before the halfway point of a 4 year sentence for grassing or for any other reason. at least get your facts right! She is dumb but she'd not dumb enough to snitch for no benefit!

Anonymous said...

Solo instrument! theres probally something in that, anyone notice she dosnt wear a certain garment .

Bored of SHAC stupidity said...

Help for the stupid:

Let me explain it to you s.l.o.w.l.y as you are SHAC supporters.

Prisoners do not get out when 50% of time is served without the agreement of the police and the prison service. It is common for the police to insist on an individual doing their full term if they want to put pressure on them and that's what happened here. Had she not helped them she would still be in the klink.

Got it now ?


Anonymous said...

@ Bored of SHAC stupidity said...

You are wrong! You are released auto after serving half of your sentence and will be kept in if you do not tow the line while in the nick.

It's obvious you know nothing of what you speak.

dan said...

I agree, you do half and if you misbehave, e.g, smashing up your tv cos you are on smack you get "extra days".