Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lost - Two Fools (no reward offered)

SHACWATCH has lost it's favourite fools - Gallon Fool was last heard of mounting a coup in a vegan cafe - since then not a sawdust sausage!

Steel fool made an idiot of himself outside Winchester Crown court when his last remaining friends got sent down - since then his mess has been obvious in all the failed campaigns that he has sponsored but he himself - missing.

Anybody seen our fools? Have they, at long last, grown up?

We doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Luke did pop up on Indylies the other day having a little whine because students no longer care about AR and are more focused on tuition fees. Even Indy found this a bit rich and hid the post later in the day.

With the near daily revelations about the massive amount of police infiltration of the UK AR scene a number of SHAC peoples are not unsurprisingly keeping their heads down.

It's fairly obvious to any sane individual that the days of SHAC are over, people have far more important things to concentrate on at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure other SHACwatchers have realised what SHAC did a couple of months ago. Now that all the cops have gone there's not much of SHAC left.

Former SHAC supporter said...

Perhaps the ongoing rumours about who is still passing information to the police might be relevent in this discussion.

Several SHAC activists are already asking how come the visits to the AstraZeneca R&D site in Loughborough and the protest outside Harlan Interfauna Ltd of Huntingdon Cambs were clearly known about by the companies in advance.

If as suspected at least one more police informer is still at the heart of the SHAC operation the question is; who ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the companies knew about the upcoming demonstrations because they were organized as public demonstrations on social network site ?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that Luke takes money from 'anywhere' he can. As a nonce, as a rent boy as a police informer.....
No guessing where the leak in the animals= rights movement is.

Medawar said...

A brave lady in Canada is trying to compile evidence that it's almost invariably stalkers who are mentally ill, rather than their victims. Can any shacwatchers join Medawar in nominating "vengeance/terrorist" stalkers whose cases would tend to support her claim?

There might be a few who are not members of Shac or its clones, but probably umpteen dozens who are.