Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is there any SHAC in the UK?

SHACWATCH can't find any evidence of SHAC UK at all - minor, pointless protest in Washington DC sure, some chicks 'liberated' in Spain but in the UK - all we get are prisoner updates.

In this case no news is good news - SHAC - yesterdays news.

Even Keith agrees


bored of shac said...

shac began its long slow death nearly 4 years ago, much like someone slowly dying in a nursing home shac has finally expired.

London SHACwatcher said...

As was said this updated

SHAC Canada - demos at wrong sites
SHAC Sweden - demos at wrong site.
SHAC Germany - Attack fails
SHAC UK - everyone who matters in prison
SHAC France - two demos then gave up
SHAC Holland - leaders all arrested
SHAC Belgium - Leaders all in prison
SHAC Italy - one demo, gave up
SHAC USA - everyone in prison
SHAC Ireland - demos down to two people


The original leaders, Greg etc in prison and then tagged and ASBO's for years to come. The second generation buggered off to the house in France when the going got tough and the dregs now too scared or stupid to do anything but have a weekly shout outside some offices.

Anonymous said...

Like Luke 'where have you gone' Steele, I think his now ex girlfriend Lorna 'not so veggie looking' Potter is a police informer. All the trouble she causes like Luke she never gets arrested

Fancy a burger Lorna

Anonymous said...

No, all the police have moved on now so there's Lynn and... er .... that's it really.


Former SHAC supporter said...

For those of us still on the mailing lists there is one area where SHAC remains busy and that is asking for money.

Some things never change.

Medawar said...

Bedford Animal Action and the "Clifton-based ALF splinter group" are still harassing people, but not on behalf of SHAC anymore, when there are druggies and pimps to pay them to harass people who complain to the police about druggies and pimps. (Senior police officers have never been willing to devote adequate resources to stopping this pernicious behaviour, so they may be on fairly safe ground.)

They are also reverting to their old behaviour pattern, of harassing farmers, builders and sporting shooters, often for no clear or coherent reason at all. Their one remaining flagship animal rights project is resisting the "NIRAH" aquarium proposal for a brick pit in the Martson Vale near Bedford. Given the raft of far more destructive and offensive projects proposed for the Vale by property developers and American waste to power companies, genuine local protestors probably have a different (and more sensible) order of priorities.

Former SHAC supprter said...

SHAC failed as a campaign because after a couple of years doing well with the fund raising a number of people worked out that SHAC could fund their lifestyle while they could claim they were full time AR workers. Of course in time supporters questioned this, in addition once it became clear what was being funded; the cars, the holidays, the clothes and of course most infamous of all the cottage in France a lot of the money dried up. What has been described by some as the 'second generation' never had the brains of Gregg so they went from one disaster to another and most importantly allowed wide scale police infiltration of the movement through their own ignorance and desire for new members (ie contributions).

As somebody with ten years involvement in UK AR I am not sad to see SHAC closing down and the emphasis of the fight moving to campaigns that are achieving something. Once the greed took over there was little real AR work done.

Giorgio Armani said...

The word desperate springs to mind with the launch of SHAC branded clothing !

Is there anything they will not do to try and get money out of animal lovers ?

Anonymous said...

This is getting farcical !

One of the undercover cops that was known to operate within the AR network is still turning up to demos and being welcomed by SHAC !!!! They even have a picture of him on the SHAC website and this was in March 2011.

The excuse is, "we think he has become a supporter so we are letting him attend"

Are they really that stupid ????

Anonymous said...

I thought they would have thrown in the towel by now , i was taken off the mailing list when i stopped sending them money .

Anonymous said...

Well there was some low level attempt at recruitment during the demo on Saturday in London but it came to nothing. Once I realised I was next to a SHACster I stuck with him and listended to peoples responses, I transcribed them and they are below.

"Bigger issues here mate not fluufy bunnies"

"SHAC ? Who gives a fu*k"

"Piss off, Greg's had all my money he's going to get"

"where were you lot when we needed you ?"

Medawar said...

I think that there's ample evidence that the new extremist anti-cuts and anti-tax evasion groups are lifestyle vehicles for rich young layabouts who are aghast at the concept of a future in which people like themselves have to work.

However, "Thom Costello" evidently comes from a sufficiently privileged background for Mummy's brief to have got most news websites to pull their articles about him.

In the field of political activist lotus-eating and this field alone, Luke Steele has been an innovator and a leader.

"Tarquinwatch" anyone?

Nazi watch said...

In the UK SHAC may be falling away but in Sweden it's a different story, there the result of the SHAC/Far Right alliance is really bearing fruit. Skinheads from Djurrattsalliansen joined SHAC nutters for a shout outside a research centre (yawn) and then got on with the main event of the evening, harrasing Turkish shopkeepers and passing non-white Swedish teenagers.

SHAC now so desperate for support that even Nazi thugs like these are welcomed to the ranks.

Medawar said...


It would seem that someone, possibly Andrew Kirk, has reverted to the ALF imprint because SHAC and "Gateway to Hell" simply aren't there anymore.

That won't stop some of the more brain-damaged ones continuing with what was brainwashed into them, which shows how wicked and destructive is was to exploit mentally-handicapped persons for any campaign of politically-motivated stalking, vandalism and arson.

Anonymous said...

The loose ones are indeed all reverting to "ALF" rather than SHAC