Monday, December 20, 2010

Why did Debz get nicked?

Why was poor innocent Debz nicked? What for?

Anybody know coz we don't?


Anonymous said...

Fashion police ?

Anonymous said...

Or was it the vegan police?.

Northern Shacwatcher said...

Now seems likely this is related to the fallout from the Mark Stone / Kennedy affair. Various SHAC people have been all over activist sites like Indymedia trying to convince people he had nothing to do with them when nothing could have been further from the truth.

The Sumac centre in Notts knew they had a copper informing on their activities but tried to hide the news, SHAC in Nottingham certainly susspected Stone but kept it internal.

SHAC are in the awful position of not only having had two major infiltrators in their organisation over the past five years but also being the people who introduced them both to the broader activist / green scene in the UK and established their credibility.

Once Stone was identified as a copper a number of people were quickly arrested based on his info Debz is likely to have been one of them.

Anonymous said...

Darwin police - keeping certain DNA strands from breeding to protect mankind

Anonymous said...

Some sort of charity fraud. Very strange.
BTW I don't think there is any danger of her 'breeding'

Watching on the side said...

Northern shacwatcher is right about the attempts by certain SHAC individuals to limit the damage of Mark Stone. SHAC has come under massive critism by those in the know because it was SHAC people who vouched for him, in fact it was Stone's ability to bed certain members of SHAC that helped his establish his credibility in the early days. Two members of SHAC each had sexual relationships with him and vouched for him with other activist groups not least in the Notts and London areas. It was one of these woman who also stopped an earlier investigation of him when a worker at Earth First suspected Stone.

The "spin" that SHAC are trying on sites such as Indymedia, Riseup etc is to say that Stone was only working at Eco type groups and only now getting into AR when in fact it was the other way around. Stone started with AR in Nottingham back in 2001 and that led to infiltration of SHAC. What's worse for SHAC is that Stone helped German undercover cop Simon Brenner establish himself in the German, Belgium and Dutch AR scene by providing credentials and saying he "could be trusted". As a result of this the No Borders people have blamed SHAC for having all their Legal Team details passed to the German police and Interpol.

Anonymous said...

Charity scam I understand - not the first, won't be the last.

It seems that SHAC people are just incapable of getting paid employment.

Anonymous said...

yo dude, you should write an article about those crazies down the pogo cafe, maybe that gallon fool! there place has hit skid row and not soon enough!