Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas SHAC

It's at this time of year that our thoughts turn to SHAC and the vast majority of them currently imprisioned. We hope they enjoy their mock turkey vegan cardboard burgers and that they remember - you still have another 3 or 4 of these to go.

SHAC - deal with them, spend Xmas inside!


Anonymous said...

I should also add, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all shacwatchers. Let's hope that more of them get locked up in 2011.

I thoroughly enjoyed eating tasty turkey whilst laughing at all the imprisoned vegan losers.

London Shacwatcher said...

Happy New Year from this London Shacwatcher to all other shacwatchers. 2010 was probably the worst ever for SHAC and I doubt we shall be needing shacwatch by this time next year

Anonymous said...

More cracks in SHAC today as pressure on the four facing court to plead 'not guilty' is increasing. The multiple guilty please of late are making hard to continue the 'we are a legal campaign' story.

As usual the ones pushing for these pleas are not those who ever do any actions.

protag said...

SHACWATCH readers may be interested to know that SHAC supporting elements of the Indymedia UK collective have been sidelined in a recent split of the organisation (which we are calling a 'fork' so as to pretend it's not a split).

In short the 'new' IMC which includes progressive IMC sites such as London, Northern and Bristol has pushed out the 'Jews are taking over the world' element that included the moderators that offered unconditional support for SHAC.

IMC London is close to a complete ban on SHAC, and we at Northern will debate one at one of our meetings later this quarter.