Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lukes Failures so far...

Now little Lukey isn't very old but he has packed in a great deal of non achievement into his limited life.
So Just for fun lets list Lukes failures so far! SHACWATCH will get the ball rolling:-

Stop Leicester Labs

What can you remember?


Luke banned from Sumac centre

On Friday 10th December, the vegan catering group Veggies are having one of their food give away events at Sumac Center in Nottingham. Because of his appaling behaviour at both Sumac and at previous events he has been asked to stay away. Veggies see themselves as the acceptable face of veganism and do not want to be assocaited with the extremist fringe plus he's been a twat so many times at Sumac he's pissed off a lot of people.


Anonymous said...

I would wager that Luke is back in prison within twelve months.

Perhaps he will be able to renew his friendship with the prison officer he became close to. Luke boasted to his mates that whilst banged up, he developed a "firm" friendship with this officer. Banged Up would seem to be an apt term in Luke's case.

Anonymous said...

covance, B&K. He's a prick.

Medawar said...

Where was this?

As Mike Harding once sang "they've got some very strange ways at the Strangeways Hotel."

Anonymous said...

Being the son of an overweight police informant and the brother of a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Manchester Airport

Anonymous said...

Is that true, anonymous? I only visit this site because of my secret crush on Luke. Guilty pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Who can think of the title of a song, sung by the dear departed Norman Wisdom that would be applicable to Luke?

Former SHAC supporter said...

Failure ?

Not from his perspective. Luke has assumed the mantle of Gregg with SHAC being a nice lifestyle funded by other people. His brother has been said to have done the same by making a living grassing up Nazi types in the BNP / EDL / NF etc. His mother's money making activities are well known in Green and activist circles.

Casual readers of Shacwatch may not realise just how lucrative a life as a full time SHAC worker is. Those street collections, monthly standing orders and regular requests for donations bring in ready cash.

Question marks over Luke's real devotion to the AR cause are widespread, many now think he's in it for the money and nothing else while some think he started with the best of intentions but got corrupted by the easy cash that is sloshing around in SHAC

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to pass on to Luke an unwanted gift of scented soap. This would be handy for him when next in prison, as apparently Luke is a bit of a butterfingers in the showers and has to keep bending over to pick up the soap!

Peter Tatchel said...

I don't think it's fair to focus on Luke's bi-sexuality as relevent to his work with SHAC. This site should be about SHAC not the sexual choices of its members.

London Shacwatcher said...

The true face of animal rights activism is increasingly turning against the extremist scum in SHAC.

The famous philosopher, academic, and animal rights activist, Peter Singer, criticized the actions of those SHAC extremists who sent razors to researcher David Jentsch (claiming that they were “covered in AIDS infected blood”). Singer is often regarded as the founder of the animal rights philosophy with his 1975 book “Animal Liberation”, so it is reassuring to see such individuals condemning the extremists within their movement. In a Twitter message, Singer said:

Ugh…how will this help the animals? All it does is give the animal movement the worst possible image.

It’s not the first time that Singer’s comments have caused controversy in SHAC. In November 2006, in footage from the British Documentary ‘Monkey, Rats and Me‘, Singer backed animal research as acceptable in some situations. Talking of monkey research into Parkinson’s conducted by Tipu Aziz, Singer said:

‘It is clear at least some animal research does have benefits … I would certainly not say that no animal research could be justified and the case you have given sounds like one that is justified.’

This resulted in a backlash from SHAC, who described him as "perverted".

Other activists are calling for SHAC to be sidelined in the fight against animal testing. London AR organiser Ian Lynch said on his blog,

"SHAC is no longer important in the fight against HLS, their tactics have failed and they are too much about money making for my liking"

Luke watch said...


a) His campaign to extract information about university research using Freedom of Information requests. This soaked up a load of SHAC money and later turned out to have been a total waste of the cash when the majority of the informaiton was found to be already in the public domain, never mind it's all other people's money.

b) His 'march against the murderers' event in Bradford during the summer. Predictions of thousands being on the streets when in fact about 40 individuals had a slow shuffle through the town centre to the general indifference of everyone.

c) Everything he has organised at Yorkshire universities. At some people now point at him openly and laugh.

d) The 'National Anti-Vivisection Alliance' (NAVA) quickly identified by other AR activists as a fund raising exercise by the Steele family. Morphed into 'Stop the Leicester Animal Lab'

e)Stop the Leicester Animal Lab, activity dried up in July when it failed to get enough donations.

f)Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford. At one stage Luke's principle money making campaign but now defunct because questions were asked about where donations were going to.

For those who want to ask Luke where their money has gone why not give him a call on either +447955 234194 or +447810 384694


Talking of failure - SHAC Canada (two lesbians, one soap dodger and a university drop out) continue their campaign of cock-up.

Fresh from doing a demo outside the home of Wayne Quigley, executive at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Quebec when he and his family were away on holiday. see SHACWATCH previous -

They now continue to make mistake after mistake with a demo outside what they thought was the home of Stanislav Glezer's a Vice President at Sanofi Aventis sadly they had their demo outside the house of Stanislav Glezer an executive at Go en Forme a gym & fitness company. Mr Glezer and his neighbours attempted to explain to them the mistake they had made before realising they were dealing with persons of limited mental ability. After about 20 minutes SHAC left, drove the wrong way down a one way street and got a ticket from a passing cop who also noticed a bald tyre on their car resulting in a second ticket. One of the vegans decided to argue with the policeman resulting in a threat of arrest, being SHAC they of course decided this was police brutality so they made a complaint the following day at a station in Outaouais where a calm desk officer explained the real world to them and sent them home.

All well up to the usual SHAC standards.

Rumours that SHAC Canada and SHAC Sweden intend to run a course on correct identification of protest targets seem unlikely.

Anonymous said...

Would the Norman Wisdom song mentioned by a previous contributor to this page, be by any chance "Don't laugh at me cos I'm a Fool"

Canadian reader said...

The wrong person balls up by SHAC in Canada was covered in the local press de droits des animaux-shac/201012/-4350177

For those non French speakers the interview is with Mr Glezer of Go en Forme who thought the whole thing was very funny. He says,

"We heard all this shouting and went outside, my neighbour was already there. They screamed abuse at me through a megaphone and it took a while to understand what they were saying but once I got one of them calmed down we realised what they were shouting about. I explained that I didn't work for Sanofi and was not the person they wanted but they didn't believe me, then my neighbour went and got a leaflet that showed me advertising Go en Forme with my photograph, this convinced them. They had a sort of huddle and then just walked off, no apology or comment. My wife thought they had mental issues and were unbalanced in some way. I had never heard of this SHAC before but they seem to need some help."
When asked if he was scared at any point Mr Glezer laughed and said,

"Scared ? no not at all, I have heard about animal rights extremists but these people were not in any way intimidating. I thought they all needed a good meal"

Anonymous said...

Luke may have dreams of being the new Greg but he hasn't the brains. Greg may have had his failings (his 'expenses' - cough) but he did understand how vital fund raising is to those like him who worked full time for SHAC/ALF. Luke doesn't get this, at the moment he knows that money comes in and he spends it but he doesn't get the requirement for regular mail shots, the tear jerking pictures (real or otherwise) for leaflets, the need for the footsoldiers on the high streets to keep the donations coming in and most of all the need to keep the SHAC name high in the minds of like minded doners.

The big drop off in both standing orders and regular donations is because these people are no longer being tapped in the way they were when Greg was in charge. He also understood the need to get supporters young when they are easily manipulated such as at university fresher weeks, all of that hard work that Greg put in to keep the money flowing has stopped now. Luke likes spending the money but he doesn't understand that it's drying up and no new money is replacing it. Even Virginia is not a bottomless pit.

Sumac user said...

Luke banned from Sumac centre

On Friday 10th December, the vegan catering group Veggies are having one of their food give away events at Sumac Center in Nottingham. Because of his appaling behaviour at both Sumac and at previous events he has been asked to stay away. Veggies see themselves as the acceptable face of veganism and do not want to be assocaited with the extremist fringe plus he's been a twat so many times at Sumac he's pissed off a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Greater London Action for Animals. An organisation that seems to have done nothing but ask for money, they even tried to claim credit for Hamley's giving up on having live penguins in the store when in fact that was the Born Free Foundation. Steele knows the days of SHAC are numbered and he need a new source of income (don't forget he doesn't work and relies on AR 'donations' to fund his lifestyle.

Medawar said...

Stop the Presses!

One of the women making (quite possibly false) allegations against Julian Assange would appear to be a Swedish SHAC:,01.shtml

Perhaps she meant to frame Robert Gates and got the wrong man?

I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy said...

If Medawar is correct and Swedish SHAC is involved then the Far Right will also likely to have had a hand in this. AR and Swedish Nazis have strong links and have done 'actions' together. I understand that Julian Assange is Jewish on his mother's side which would be a red rag to a bull for Far Right types.

Of course with the track record that SHAC Sweden have they are as likely to have targeted a passing dentist called Julian

London active said...

"Greater London Action for Animals" was sussed pretty quickly as a money making front by those of us active in London and yes you are right about the penguins, the Born Free Foundation did all that and then Steele tried to grab the glory at the end. He was told where to get off.

The AR movement and Veganism are growing in Britain, slowly it's true but growing all the same and organisations such as SHAC and individuals such as Steele are not a part of either. We don't need them and we don't want them.

The damage done by SHAC to the bigger cause of closing HLS is probably incalcuable. I don't know if that was deliberate, I hope not, I prefer to think it was just enthusiasm that become incompetence. After 15 years in the movement I am convinced that direct action does not work is counter productive and certainly alienates the public whose support we need. Without the SHAC campaign I fully believe HLS would have closed by now, before SHAC started HLS was in a terrible financial state but the attacks on it have allowed it to get preferential funding, government support and to play the victim. A terrible result of 10 years work. The last set of financial information showed that HLS is growing !

History shows that all changes to unjust laws have come about through popular support driving legislation, the direct action element in fact slows the changes that are needed. Votes for woman is an obvious example, the laws abolishing slavery another. These campaigns were won by changing public opinion not by direct action and most of all not by drunken louts with an eye on a money making opportunity.

Best wishes on SHACWATCH

For the animals

Shacwatch Canada said...

'London Active' makes some interesting points about the long term failure of direct action. An analysis of campaigns where direct action has been used show the same result, an initial success that quickly becomes failure. This very much mirrors SHAC and how it has performed, most would now accept that HLS will never close or cease trading BECAUSE of SHAC, the government can't be seen to have SHAC win so HLS gets a level of help beyond what any other company could expect. The SHAC demos outside of HLS suppliers and customers are now so routine they acheive nothing for the cause but reinforce in the eyes of the public the message about "animal rights extremists"

This begs the question why is SHAC is going on then. Well for some of course it's their source of income, for others a prop for a life lacking direction or purpose and then of course there is the hard core (often part of the first group) who really do think that SHAC will win, HLS will close and that the world sees them as heroes.
Certainly here in Canada the local SHAC group and the wider AR community is small and getting smaller because the public simply do not support their extreme views and the medical companies who they target have been clever in using scientific facts to refute the SHAC claims making them seem regular liars.

If real AR is to be achieved then groups need public opinion to support them, they quickly use that support when the go down the direct action route.

London active said...

Luke inspired failure continues in London. Regular Shacwatch readers will be aware of the increasingly lame and desperate demos that have become the norm in London. These follow a tired old pattern of standing outside say Astra Zeneca HQ, shouting for while through a megaphone and then trotting off. Because these demos have been achieving nothing and the numbers attending have fallen to such a degree there was the bright idea to go for 'secondary protesting'. The idea being that because a customer of HLS ignores a SHAC demo then a supplier to that customer will receive a demo and that will work ( I know this sounds stupid but it is SHAC we are talking about).

Recent demos have included:

Ocean Finance, result - workers came out laughed, pointed and ignored SHAC, nothing achieved.

Wellington Management, result - no reaction from company. Most employees didn't even know there had been a demo. Doorman spent demo standing in front of SHAC eating a ham sandwich to their frustration.

Axa Investment Managers, result - police called as a passerby objected to being jostled on the pavement. Police calmly tell SHAC to calm down and grow up, SHAC throw toys out of pram and claim police harrasement. Police and public laugh and SHAC slink away.

So SHAC has failed at primary protesting, failed at secondary protesting presumably they will now move on to the suppliers to the suppliers to the suppliers to HLS.

If this is leadership Luke style then we will be having some fun in the next few months here on Shacwatch

Anonymous said...

So Luke is a sexual deviant? LOL. That doesn't surprise me to be honest. His mum, Nicola Steele, is over 40 and quite obese yet is always trying to get off with activists as young as 16. I guess Luke's AR scam provides her not only with easy money but easy prey too!

Anonymous said...

Luke was twatting around with a megaphone outside a branch of Beyond Retro in London recently. And now this:

reported anonymously:

"12th January 2011: Lock and chain put on rear entrance to Beyond Retro's (fur supplier) head office in East London, UK.

23rd January 2011: Locks glued up and anti fur slogans spray painted onto front door of Beyond Retro's (fur supplier) head office in East London.


Beyond Retro, FYI, is a vintage clothing shop that sells vintage clothes. I.E. only fur that was produced before 1980. I.E. products that are arguably better for animals and the environment than both new fur and synthetic fur made of plastics and chemicals. In short, they do not support the present day fur trade in any way. Good one.