Friday, July 23, 2010

SHAC crawl out from under their rock!

Just in time to negatively impact on the sentences of their 'comrades' due to be found guilty in September, SHAC have returned to committing crime!

Ever tactically and strategically inept they returned to the site of 3 previous failures, hoping , SHACWATCH can only assume, to boost the number of people imprisoned for attacking the same place.

Let's take this slowly for their benefit - everybody you have sent into Lincolnshire has been caught . Of the 5 prosecuted 4 were found guilty (3 PLEADED guilty!). All 4 guilty idiots did time for their crimes - one is still confined to his moms house.

Do you think this time you will get away with it? Better start packing your bags and contacting VPSG.

Until all are caged.


Anonymous said...

Up in Yorkshire, England the well deserved reputation of the locals for spotting conmen when they see them is finally showing itself. Attempts by Steele and his SHAC cronies to con money out of people are now recognised by activists and AR types in the region - perhaps in part because of the stories here on SHACWATCH ?
Over on the increasingly failing Indymedia UK site people in Yorkshire are showing how Steele has been rumbled and his little band of camp followers discredited.

Of course some 'useful idiots' like Lynn - pass the vodka - Sawyer have been cropping up trying to deflect attention but have failed.

Well done Yorkshire, another SHAC fail !

Anonymous said...

I think the VPSG will be needed less and less, already a number of banged up SHAC prisoners have drifted away from both a vegan diet and the AR cause. Two are now involved in millitant lesbian feminism and one is now linked to the drugs trade.

Clearly we have a bunch of individuals who are easily suggestible and quick to join a cause. Seems that for many of them veganism was just the latest fad they went through before moving onto the new fashion.

Anonymous said...

Bite Back Magazine's website, the main ALF terror coordination and publicity tool, seems to be down.

This is probably not a bad thing, as it celebrated and encouraged violence and arson, including Mexican SHAC's habit of tying dynamite to gas cylinders in public places.

Medawar said...


I'm sure that what's left of SHAC will rage against the Southern Poverty Law Centre again!