Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once ,Twice,Three times a loser....we don't love yooooou

Mel Fails for the third and final time and is slammed back in the pokey!

SHAC / SPEAK-C /MFAH / Lukes glee club - listen up!

This is how it ends - lawful protest - everybody ignores you, the projects get built and everybody is happy.

Unlawful criminal acts like what Mel done -you get caught and you go away for a long time.

Any questions?

Welcome back from Italy BTW - This sets the tone for your return very nicley!

Until all are caged.


Medawar said...

Has anyone we know been to Austria for their holidays?

Anonymous said...

Austria, nice house in France, the Netherlands, California. I wonder if those people who gave their money to street collections imagined that their money would be used to fund holidays for SHAC people ?

Medawar said...

Perhaps it doesn't count as a holiday if they burn someone's house down while they're there?

Information giver said...

It's worth stating for the record that the house in France was paid for as a result of the police payout for informaing on other SHAC members (part of the internal fued Greg encouraged). Only the holidays were paid for by SHAC donations.

Medawar said...

Young Steele is back in the UK you say?

Medawar said...

Who in SHAC was jailed or arrested between the 20th of June this year and the 25th?

Because the blog set up to insult Lee Ziggy Norton, falsely and ludicrously accused of being Medawar, stopped deleting Mr Lee Norton's comments between those dates.

Medawar believes that this was set up by Phillip Beaven, but he might not be the only lunatic stalking Mr Lee Norton.

E Bygum said...

Steele's attempts to get money in the Yorkshire area has now reached farcical proportions. His latest wheeze is to pretend a hunt sabbing group in West Yorkshire needs a Land Rover to go sabbing. This has come as some what of a surprise to the three people who sab in west Yorks but since their website was taken over (to help with admin - ahem) the inevitble requests for money have started.

I wonder if the good people of Yorkshire will once again be taken in by this latest scam

Medawar said...

If anyone is taken in, then they clearly don't make Yorkshiremen like they used to.