Friday, August 7, 2009

Lyn's past catches up

An INDYLIES repost:-

Yes I know Greg, Natasha, Heather, Mel, Keith, Sarah (both) John, Jonny, Kerry, Brendan and you of all people, I could go on but I have made that point. The point of such trivia is to drop that little hint that I'm not another of your conspiracy theories, the last paragraph confirmed my suspicions where you would end up with this, it always does.. I'm from the old school Lynn...

I have a good memory, not that the event of Lewis putting up the sign needed much remembering, it's caused a problem, you thought it was funny. I do and did say what I was thinking face to face, was that some sort of veiled threat coming from you? I do have a problem posting under my name knowing that the movement is full of cranks repaired to skulk around family homes at night, you know Lynn the face to face sort of stuff lacking in your world. Next time we meet I will make myself known to you, then next time I post you will know who it is. Would that make you feel better?

You lowered the tone. When you have no answer you accuse. I have not slagged anyone off, I have questioned their loyalty to other supporters something that is done regular, even amongst the above named. The internal divisions within the movement are no secret. The fact Greg and Natasha have walked all over supporters and campaigns is a fact we all talk about. Natasha once said Heather was so important to SHAC because she knew so many people, everyone loves Heather! Why else would you have your husbands ex hanging about?

People in glass houses should not throw stones Lynn. The reason you don't get down to it is because HLS went for your home, that's why you put SHAC in a spot when you refused to use your address and the address was the connection for any raid. Didn't you stop campaigning when HLS went for you? Funny how that turned out.... All around you things go very wrong and you come up smelling of roses and not because you have taken the police to court. Personally I think you are passing information around.

Quite a lot of hate there - another infiltrator?


Anonymous said...

A clue to what's really going on:

Medawar said...


There was also an arson at an Austrian pig farm, which caused the deaths of hundreds of animals. The ALF haven't claimed that one, but they have history when it comes to burning pigs alive to "set them free".

Medawar said...

As if the gibbering madmen of the ALF and "Band of Mercy" in the UK in the seventies, were at large in Austria:

It may surprise the ALF. but farmers find it traumatic to have their stock burnt to death.