Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SHAC exhume another Granny

As if it was needed SHAC confirm their status as Pariah by digging up another granny.

This time in Switzerland and the mother of a Novartis director – if there was any doubt they sprayed ‘drop HLS’ on the headstone.

Disgusting SHAC

Naturally both Debs and Lynny deny any involvement but one of those is a psychopathic liar and the other indescribable.

Until All are caged


Medawar said...

Perhaps NECTU need to do a head-count and see which of the old, old suspects are still putting in the spadework for SHAC.
NECTU also need to start monitoring the movements of a certain UK rock star living in Rome, who is frequently given the chance to accompany SHAC, ARM and the Justice Department on raids/assaults/beatings in return for handsome donations. Who knows, they might even upset the rock n roll movement and arrest the vicious little swine, because many of these incidents would not occur in his absence.

BTW: they torched the same family's holiday home in Austria a week later.

Medawar said...

Bite Back Magazine is too ashamed to publish an admission that the ALF stole the granny's remains, but they are very proud of burning down the hunting lodge.

They see much evil in the fact that deer skulls were placed on the external walls, but this is actually a tradition that allows other hunters to see what you have taken from what is in effect a community-owned stock of animals. The expert eye can also glean a lot of information about the health of the habitat from what a deer skull looks like, but not, obviously, if some impassioned lunatic has smothered it in petrol and incinerated it.

Anonymous said...

Fucking hell. Debs dear feeds you! What you got against Debs?


SHACWATCH doesn't understand these 'debs' posts - we think it shows the depths of paranoia and suspicion that the dregs of SHAC have descended into.
We won't censor - you be the judge.

Fred said...

Grave robbing, arson and blackmail...nice currency....if you're a sick, perverted deviant?

Medawar said...


The French Revolution quickly got to the stage where everyone was in fear of being accused of treason, and since the first citizen declared that fear was a sign of guilt....

Anonymous said...

debz is pissed off with all the crap lies going around.she doesnt work for the police,shes not a grass,she hasnt asked anyone to boycott anydemos,has not been asked to leave meetings ar fact we heard after 20+ yrs,she has left ar due to no solidarity,bitching and backbiting..which is a pity for the 100s of animals she relocates every year.she has been accused of feeding shacwatch josie.well debz pulled out of ar years ago and josie doesnt know anyone from shac, never done any demos and both as well as many others have been victims of the sick lies being made up in mad mandy fords head.enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

would people please leave debz alone, she has only ever done good for animals and after all that is what we are all about

Medawar said...

An open letter to "anonymous".

The pleas for "Debz" to be left alone are saddening, because the threat to her does not come from Shacwatch or any of Shac's opponents, but from SHAC's own members and its fringe supporters.

There is no justification for persecuting her (or any other human being), but those pleading on her behalf need to face facts, and the facts are that members, supporters and vague associates of SHAC and its members have persecuted many individuals, relentlessly, and in at least one case (that of Steve Meadows in Mid Beds) to the point of forced suicide. Which tragedy local SHAC/ALF supporters -and the old witch from Coventry who egged them on- were seen to celebrate with great gusto.

If this is what your movement has done to others, while you all remained members of it, and active within it, without any of you attempting to curb the most dangerously insane and vicious elements, then you are pleading to Shacwatch and its supporters for a favour, which it never crossed your minds to extend to victims of SHAC and "sabbing" groups with exactly the same people in. (They were wearing "sabbing" hats when they drove Steve Meadows to suicide, and someone was wearing a "sabbing" flying helmet when they murdered a man in Warwickshire.)

Despite the staggering hypocrisy of this -and the sure and certain knowledge that not one of you will relent in your increasingly demented persecution of SHAC and LACS victims, Medawar does indeed wish that "Debz" be left to look after her animals in peace.

But it was never Shacwatch and Medawar that were going to persecute her anyway, is it?

In all probability, she and whoever Josie Hitchens is, will be hounded, increasingly, until the persecution is day and night and the strain and stress is enough to break even strong men with families to protect, as Steve Meadows was. And it will be people you know, on whose side you remain, who will do it.

You don't even need to make a case to Shacwatch and Medawar not to hound anyone to the brink of suicide, which we would deplore, and would have deplored long ago even before we saw where it can lead: the vipers are already in your own nest!

Perhaps the police could help you, but that would mean turning "grass" on the lunatics and wildmen so far into SHAC's fringe that none of the Special Branch infiltrators have really clocked them.

If you could not bring yourselves to help the police protect completely innocent lives, such as Mr Meadows, who had genuinely no comprehension of why he was attacked or who was behind it, then could you do it for the sake of those from your own ranks, such as "Debz", for whom you obviously care deeply?

The alternative is that the madmen in your own ranks will continue and accelerate the persecution of your own, and this will continue until there are suicides or murders, and it will not stop there, but continue further and wider until the suicides and murders leave nothing behind but an agonized void.

This won't be "poetic justice for Steve Meadows" it will just be another series of entirely pointless, unnecessary and avoidable tragedies.

But you are the only ones who can avoid it now.

Like Captain Lansdorf at the Battle of River Plate, sixty years ago, the only way to stop a terrible situation becoming worse is to put the crew ashore and set the scuttling charges.

The violent ones in the ALF who are not already in jail or on trial, are Broadmoor candidates to a man, and that is the only place that kind of person can be, without tragedy following them like a shadow.