Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More proof

Novartis profits up by almost a third

Second quarter profit for Novartis increased by 29 per cent from 2010, with income for the 2011 period rising to $3.56bn. At constant currencies the increase was similarly strong at 31 per cent.

Income was buoyed by a formidable sales performance, with net sales rising by 27 per cent from $11.72bn in 2010 to $14.91bn for Q2 2011.

That's what being a SHAC number 1 target does for you !



meathead said...

nonono, you're getting it all wrong, they are falsifying the documents, borrowing money, they are in $ 5 billion of debt etc blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

Your argument would actually work if Novartis were a customer of HLS, they stopped using HLS in 2009.


SHACWATCH is aware of that - it didn't stop SHAC targeting them anyway - but as with everything SHAC does, it had no effect at all.

Medawar said...

SHAC/ALF regard Novartis as an alternative target rather than a related target, but haven't yet thought of a seperate name under which the same people can conduct an anti-novartis campaign. It's educational for all those companies which have been terrorised into complying with SHAC's demands: the odds are they will continue to attack you, your staff, your staff's children and members of the local golf club, anyway.

One of SHAC's troubles is the ALF's claim to never give up and never, ever leave anyone alone once they become an ALF victim.

It's like a pyramind selling fraud: the number of people they have to target tends to rise exponentially as their support dwindles.

meathead said...

@medawar. Not really true, at least not when the Averys were running the show. They left Roche alone once they capitulated. Though the super nuts around at the moment don't really play by the rules of common sense and logic!

Medawar said...


Comment is utterly superfluous.

ex SHAC supporter said...

Good points from Medawar here about the problem of diminishing returns that has plagued SHAC for some time combined with the "we never give up" stone around the neck of the organisation. It is usualy stated that the decline of SHAC started when Greg and the leadership were sent down but there is an argument that it started much earlier. SHAC has had the problem of one initial success followed by repeated failure and even the most rose tinted wearing supporter could not fail to understand that SHAC is today a marginal group in the wider AR field, a field that is a small shadow of what it was.

A number of us have discussed at length what has gone wrong with UK AR, where did the support go, the membership, the financial contributions, the willingness to get involved and I have felt for some time that SHAC became the focus for so much energy and funding that its failure bought down much of AR as well.

What a bunch of vegans said...

Friday, 29th July in the UK Midlands will go down as the most inept day of SHAC action (so far). A weird, disorganised rabble moved from AXA to Aviva to ICS and back to AXA. The protesters seemed to have no structure or purpose and most onlookers greeted them with reactions ranging from laughter to embarrassment.

At ICS they found the company closed for the holiday period but protested there anyway to an empty carpark, at AXA one Shacster managed to drop the batteries from his megaphone and had to ask for them back from the policeman who collected them from the kerb. At Aviva the 'action' seemed to consist of running around the building to the general bewilderment of staff and passers by.

This of course is the rump of the so called SHAC Midlands, the group that managed to mount a demo outside of the wrong Industrial Colling Systems, shouted at people eating food from a burger van and once got so lost on their way to an Astra Zeneca site they had to give up and go home.

What an embarrassment it must be to be associated with them

Idiot Watch said...

Meanwhile SHAC supporter Morrisey, the subject of previous SHACWATCH articles continues his one man campaign to look like a prat.

This singer whose career has been in decline for some years managed to get some quick publicity by claiming the killing of a few chickens at KFC is worse than the horrific murders in Norway of 76 children. The singer has a history of this type of outburst, In an interview in Guardian Weekend in September he called the Chinese people a "sub-species" over their treatment of animals and attitude toward animal welfare. As we have seen with SHAC Sweden AR and Racism often go hand in hand.

Proof once again that SHAC supporters are both stupid and offensive

Anonymous said...

More good news

Tom Harris has called it a day. Harris felt very betrayed after his conviction upon discovering where much of the money has gone.

He has been telling friends for some time that he has "wasted so much of my life with SHAC and Animal Rights". Harris has taken the advice of the visiting priest and is concentrating on working toward a degree so he can rebuild his life after prison and keep away from SHAC.

More SHAC failure said...

Return to failure the SHAC way.

Not content with their street demos having failed, their letter campaign having failed, their email campaign having failed, their violent attacks having failed and of course their fund raising having failed SHAC decided to return to a site of previous failure and make fools of themselves again.

Highgate Farm has seen a number of rather sad, lonely individuals over the years sleeping in tents next to the road and trying to annoy Geoff Douglas and his family, being SHAC they have of course never achieved anything and this year is no different. They turned up, pitched a couple of tents, broke the law, got told off by the police, had a whine about police tactics and had to bugger off. The Douglas family knew nothing all this because they are away on holiday however local people had a good laugh at the SHAC failures as they drove past.

Medawar said...

It's going to be very interesting over the next year or so, to see which campaign groups, and indeed, mainstream political parties, start to ahev unexplained financial troubles following the fall of Gadaffi's regime -and which ones still appear to have secret sources of money and technical support.

They won't all be groups in apparent sympathy with him, because the purpose of a destabilisation campaign is to support both extremes against the middle.

Not even the EDL can have a riot on their own: they need "Unite Against Fascism" to have a party.

Same with the various AR factions and sects.

With Gadaffi gone, it's going to be easier to see which ones are being funded by Vladimir Putin, and, indeed, which extremist groups are being funded by Eduard Barak.

HLS Worker said...

Dear ShacWatch,

I am a long time reader of your blog. You have always posted entertaining bullshit, these days all you post is crap. Why is this?

Please make up more total nonsense about the animal rights movement or I will have to become an ARA myself because our side is becoming so boring. ShacWatch is now total shit.

Kind Regards,

HLS Worker

Anonymous said...

Could Shac "leaving Roche alone" have anything to do with the realization that Hoffman La Roche is about the only part of the industry that actually resembles the sinister "big pharma" bogeyman of their own mythology and continued attacks on it might provoke organized crime?

meathead said...

@medawar, who is eduard barak?

Medawar said...

Eduard Barak is an Israeli politician, connected with a pretty right-wing sect which is influenced by the writings of Anna Kingsford. (Ie: a mixture of the Kabbalah/jewish occultism and animal rights.)Most members of this group seem to be officials and military/intelligence officers rather than publicly known politicians.

Quite a lot of extremist groups get help from his grouping, without necessarily knowing that's where the dough and expertise comes from. This MAY include the EDL: some of the American bloggers he sponsors, such as Pam Geller and Robert Spencer*, seem to love the EDL.

* Not to be confused with the deputy Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, which was Medawar's defining mistake on an Israeli dissident blog.


the spelling of the first (obviously not Christian) name varies a bit depending on how it's translated from Hebrew script, apparently. Prof. Silverstein doesn't like Barak, but doesn't appear to want to raise the occult connections. Not the only issue on which I'm told he keeps strangely quiet: ties one hand behind his own back when fighting these people.