Friday, September 9, 2011

Tom Harris quits

From a Shacwatcher:-

Tom Harris has called it a day. Harris felt very betrayed after his conviction upon discovering where much of the money has gone.

He has been telling friends for some time that he has "wasted so much of my life with SHAC and Animal Rights". Harris has taken the advice of the visiting priest and is concentrating on working toward a degree so he can rebuild his life after prison and keep away from SHAC.

SHACWATCH wishes him well in his endeavour but recommends he begins his rehabilitation with an apology to the innocent victims  of this disgusting campaign.  

He may also need to have a quiet word with his brother!


HLS Worker said...

Yes, yes finally this is the sort of made-up entertaining bullshit and conjecture I have come to expect from SHACwatch. Finally SHACwatch's bullshit factory is in working order again. Proud to support the site again.

I especially like the comments about a protest in July, hehe nice one, masters of spin – no one will notice that was months ago will they? I love reading SHACwatch in my tea break although it is so inaccurate as to be nonsensical, that is its charm.

meathead said...

this is a good laugh of course and quite possibly true, but seeing as harris was running shac for at least a short period of time he would have been in control of the money and can't really complain about where it was or wasn't going. Can this story actually be corroborated? Can we hear from the priest?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn how prison works and you may find it better to be seen to tow the line inorder to get an early tag.....

And maybe you should ask Toms bro what he is upto these days, still campaigning..?


This last post is so poorly written it's hard to work out what is intended - we suspect it means that Tom's conversion is less than honest. SHACWATCH fails to be shocked - all SHAC have ever done is lie!
SHACWATCH has no doubt that Tom will get out soon and then follow the path set but all SHAC ex prisoners - that is to say disappear completely. Gerah anybody?

meathead said...

a few points:

@Anonymous. Tom cannot get tag as he has a 4 year sentence and a 1 year sentence (for Barlays nonsense) to serve consecutively. see pso 6700 regarding the eligibility for HDC (tag)
It really is about time that people stopped talking nonsense about tagging.

@Shacwatch. What about Gerrah disappearing completely? That is an eminently sensible thing to do. Seeing as her license conditions no doubt bar her from participating in demos it would be pretty crazy behaviour (even by her standards) to start doing demos and the like which would undoubtedly result in a speedy return to prison.

In fact I would posit that when Gregg and Natasha get out on the 1st of November then they too will disappear. The reality will be seen when Gerrah and co end their license, what will they get up to then?

Medawar said...


ALF stages major snail rescue: they could be yards away by now.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why 'meathead' thinks that Harris was "running shac for.. a short period of time". Harris was never anything more than cannon fodder, I agree he might have thought otherwise (he is somewhat a fantasist) but anybody close to the money (the real power in SHAC) knows that he was kept well away from it.

ex SHAC said...

I don't think that Harris was ever in charge, he was certainly a useful front man but his idiotic Barclays cash machine campaign where he was caught on CCTV showed the extent of his intelligence level.

I think his abandonment of SHAC and AR is genuine, like a number of SHAC people who have ended up in prison he realised that he had wasted a lot of his life and that SHAC in particular had become a money making scam.

Although I share SHACWATCHERS view that some people are owed an apology I do wish him well in his new SHAC free life.

Anonymous said...

mr shacwatch.

This brilliant picture of the fool with a balding mullet would look great on your homepage


SHACWATCH got up too early this morning to click an HTTPS link!

meathead said...

@anonymous. You are wrong, After everyone was arrested in May 2007 Tom Harris and Nicci Tapping took over the remnants of SHAC. You are mistaken that he was kept away from the money as he also had access to the bank account, which was about all of what was left of shac by then. I never said that he did anything particularly effective, only that he was running the show. That you think he had no access to the money shows how ignorant you are.

Medawar said...


for the latest attempt to win us all over to PETA's side.

Hopefully, PETA won't be branching out into "crush" videos anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonder who this will turn out to be when they condescend to release his name?

Anonymous said...

@ Meathhead
I assume you are trying to be provocative as clearly you know nothing about the running of SHAC or who had access to the Co-op Bank account. Harris is and was a bit player, a nobody and lacks the brains to be entrusted with control of anything more than a postal order.

To give an example Harris does not even know the details of the house in France when at least two SHACWATCHERS know the address, the purchase price and who is living there.

As was said previously he was certainly a useful front man but nothing more and that fact that you claim he was shows YOUR lack of knowledge regarding the running of SHAC.

Anonymous said...


Gerah was just passing through and the rest have licences to stick to or you would be posting and gloating about them going back for breaking their conditions.

@ Meathead

A tag is not the only "perk" you can get out of prison for "towing" the line, it was an example.

The goal posts have been moved once again byu "the men in black" who turn up at your prison doors trying to intimidate you into grassing and stopping any progression through the prison system by keeping you in closed conditions.

You have no way of knowing who is active after release because it would not be a good idea to openly campaign, think about that for a moment.

Never stopped me :)

Anonymous said...

Ken Clarke soft in the head, shock horror.

meathead said...

Point no.1 I was pointing out that lots of people on here seem to talk nonsense about tagging. That was the only point I was trying to make. But you bring up more nonsense with the suggestion that the police turn up in the prison and give people bloody vegan chocolate bars and a pass to an open prison in return for information. none of the shac lot have gone to an open prison, bear that in mind before you start making up nonsense about people going informant. You have no way of knowing who has and has not got snitch. The police are not crass enough to just transfer someone to an open prison in return for information, would make it all a bit obvious don't you think? Though I accept that you don't mention open prisons, just "progression" seeing as they are all in category C prisons please elaborate on this and what "perks" they have got.

Point 2. We can just sit here all day arguing about the role that Harris played in shac but seeing as neither of us is likely to reveal the foundations for our views our viewpoints are without substantiation. Let's stick to facts. Harris pleaded guilty and got 4 years (read 6) and got 1 for some petty criminal damage. If he was a "bit player" who couldn't be trusted with a postal order then that doesn't really make sense.
The fact of the matter is that after Greg and co got arrested harris and tapping were running all of the demonstrations. As to this house in France, there is a lot of dross spouted on this site, all anonymously, so I would like to see some hard facts regarding this house, documentation, first hand accounts, not just people making vague comments about some house and the BNP. I am more than prepared to accept that shac came into possession of a large amount of cash and that this was used to buy a house; it is not an entirely absurd idea, but evidence is needed. Provide it please!

The shac lot are mad, but those who wish to debunk their modus operandi are not aided by inaccuracies and misinformation

Anonymous said...

Naughty Naughty - Luke's been caught out again.

Anonymous said...

I hope so for his sake. I met him when I did protests years ago. Very nice guy. Many of them are as individuals but get sucked into a very silly mindset of 'we must do this for the animals!'

PS, dear Shacwatch. I needed your solace. Indymedia now are deleting any critical comments of SHAC. The usual back patting 'we are winning' and the classic 'they are almost closing down' are mocked even by the most ardent of the animal rights scene.

Some of the main leaders were released from prison in recent weeks. I have seen no celebrations from the AR movement and also nothing in the media about them. Why are the media ignoring SHAC now? Is it because they are totally ineffective and are a joke with 90% of their supporters abandoning them?