Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crisis Meeting on Sunday - AR implodes

Loony Lynn has called an emergency meeting in London on Sunday to try and revive the dead corpse of Animal Rights activism in the UK!

News emerging from the demented hippy group 'Activists Mediation Network' suggests that they will face their biggest challenge ever in trying to get anybody to do anything effective at all.

One stoned 'mediator' who did not wish to be identified did say that they would have difficulty keeping 'that pratt Steel' from disrupting the event with his impractical and illegal suggestions!

Shacwatch says - Who cares?


Anonymous said...

I will be there and I seriously hope Luke isn't going. He has stolen so much money from the AR movement and grassed so many people up that I am amazed he is allowed into any of these things. His mum also steals cash and his brother is a known fascist. Steele by name, steal by nature.

Anonymous said...

The first question seem to be, do they meet in a phone booth or the back seat of a Ford Fiesta. In years to come whenever anybody looks up "Irrelevent" or "failed campaign" on Wikipedia it will point them to SHAC post 2008.

I'm glad to say that those of us who actualy look to achieve animal rights rather than lining our pockets no longer work with Lynn and her little band.

Anonymous said...

The Activists Mediation Network website is strangely and strongly reminiscent of the Natural Law Party lot who took over Haynes Park house after Clarendon School had been bankrupted by a bent property developer on its board of governors.

Perhaps this is part of a cunning plot by Lyn, to teach young Luke "Yogic Flying" off Beachy Head.

meathead said...

If you look up "Irrelevent" [sic] in the dictionary, you aren't likely to find much! People of supposed standing in AR circles suspect what Steele is up to (how could they not?) but are reluctant to confront him about it as he does "good stuff". Say what you will about the Averys but they ran a tight shop and information was generally kept on a need to know basis. Saying shac failed only after 2008 is being a bit generous. They failed in 2001 but plumbed new depths in 2008.

Roving SHAC reporter said...

This meeting at a time when AR 'actions' become ever more laughable. The latest being an attack again at Highgate Farm.

The sorry bunch of losers set off a number of alarms soon after entering the property triggering High Definition CCTV and spotlights. Having blundered around for a while not sure what to do they decided to set fire to a disused van that was being sent to the scrap yard later this week (this part was claimed as some sort of success). The group got split up with one individual removing his mask which resulted is a nice clear picture for the cops.
Highgate Farm had no problems and production was not affected in any way.

More SHAC cock-up leading to another arrest.

Nazi watch said...

Perhaps at the meeting they could agree a statement about the involvement of SHAC Sweden with the local Far Right. Here on SHACWATCH and on other sites the appalling joint 'actions' being undertaken by these two groups are clearly documented and yet SHAC says nothing. Only last week local Orebeo fish shop owner Sven Herman had his shop attacked. His 'crime' was to being a prominent employer of Turkish and Morrocan immigrants to Sweden. Like other attacks on shops selling fur where only Jewish owned establishements were attacked the fish shops run by white Swedes were left alone.

SHAC sweden claims this as an AR attack, the Swedish Far Right as an attack against "the underclass bleeding our country dry"

Anonymous said...

Guess what SHAC's friends over on Indylies don't want you to see ?


Looks like SHAC has been caught out lying - again !

meathead said...

can we call in a drone strike on this meeting?