Saturday, June 4, 2011

The curse of SHAC - pogo no go

Thanks for bringing this to our attention SHACWATCHERS:-

Some whiles ago Debz and the The fool mounted a coup at a vegan 'cafe' called Pogo - Guess what happened then:-

this crisis is a lot more serious than we, as the current collective, have encountered before. Most notably, there is a shortage of volunteers and people who are willing to take responsibility for the day-to-day running of the cafe, coupled with a gaping hole in our finances, this is threatening to force Pogo to close once and for all.

Ha Ha Ha ha ...........


meathead said...

How the (not so mighty) have fallen.

Rumour has it that the fool was helping himself to the takings to pay for his while nights out with debz!

Medawar said...

Psychosis is not infectious, but psychotic individuals often go from enterprise to enterprise, wrecking each in succession. So the effect is pretty similar.

Anonymous said...

no wonder they are in trouble with all of the terrible reviews they have on google.

bored of pogo said...

Google review: "Served by an aggressive bully with a messiah complex who decided to take 15 minutes to tell my friend why she was enabling the a patriarchal system of western medicine by wearing glasses. Good cupcakes though!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Anonymous said...

the reviews have been made up by you. Pogo cafe is doing exeptionally well, with excellent reviews and publicity! Cant wait to visit there again it is wonderful, and according to you the fool has been helping himself to money? Hahaha you make it up as you go along... Running out of bullshit to spread are we? Oh how the shacwatchers have fallen

meathead said...

one swallow does not make a summer. pogo will close soon enough, we can be patient.

Northern Shacwatcher said...

Talking of the curse of SHAC it's our old friend Luke Steele once again trying to claim the credit for the work of others. (see Shacwatch passim)

Marshall Farms were planning to redevelop the old B&K Universal animal breeding centre into a Beagle Farm but a campaign by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection has stopped it. Of course now the hard work has been done Steele has come along to try and claim that it was his sad little NAVA organisation that had stopped the farm. BUVA people are more than a little pissed off with his claims and are making it clear in AR circles who did the real work.

The irony is of course that the farm will open just not in the UK, Marshall Farms will now expand their facility in Serbia where the rules are a lot more relaxed than the UK meaning of course that the animals will be worse off. This is of course not as important as the key factor in the entire affair, claim credit, ask for donations.

Anonymous said...

@northern shacwatcher.

The rules may well be more relaxed in Serbia but these things must start somewhere. Shall we move the child labour sweatshops from Vietnam to Britain 'cos we can implement more stringent standards and the children will be better off?

Northern Shacwatcher said...

For anonymous.

It's supposed to be about the animals. (Doh! )
I'm sorry you can't understand what has gone on here so let me explain it to you.

Medical research will happen, as much as SHAC would like it not to; it will, so we are in a position where we can have the research done in the UK (stringent medical standards, oversight by independent bodies) or we can have it done in Serbia (widespread animal cruelty, little if any regulation, not under EU overview)

Do you see now ? If not ask a non SHAC friend to explain it to you.

I assume you are not so stupid you really think that as long as the work is not being done in the UK then everything is ok in the world

AR Realist. said...

Typical of Luke Steele to take credit for something that isn't his doing. But he never takes responsibility for his own actions. Such as the damage he caused at his mothers house, that he was charged for. And the fact he is the primary reason as to why his mother and her long time partner have recently split. Oh Luke, you are a prick. When will you realise, what goes around comes around.