Monday, October 11, 2010

Who's Sorry Now?

In a break from SHAC tradition - the dregs have acknowledged the guilty pleas and upcoming sentencing of the second half of the SHAC criminals!

However in a move that is pure farce they have announced demos at loads of venues - get real SHAC - there is only 6 of you left - who on earth do you think can be bothered to support your delusions?

Why not grow up, recognise your severe limitations and go and get a life - you might be able to achieve that - and achievement is somthing you lack.


Anonymous said...

Nobody who cares about the rights of the animals and the fight for them gives a toss about SHAC anymore.

These bastards have caused us so much aggro over the past ten years and the cause of AR has been done so much damage by them and their little cult. I have no interest in showing support for them, the idiots who are being sent down or their followers.

The last straw for me was the details that was leaked over the house in France and the funding for it, I hope SHAC, its leaders (non hierarchical - LOL !) and those still stupid enough to keep funding it get the wake up call they need very soon.

For the animals.

Anonymous said...

Demos that are so "wadical" SHAC went and asked the police first if it was ok to demo before announcing them.

Real hard core these days are SHAC.


SHACWATCH has heard of the house in France but has no details - please fill us in so we can expose SHAC en Francais!

Anonymous said...

It seems that SHAC Chili is as sick and twisted as its UK counterpart. With the eyes, thoughts and prayers of the entire nation focused on the plight of 33 minors trapped underground SHAC decided the best way they could help was to demo outside AtraZeneca (yawn!)and write saying that battery chickens were the equal of the miners.

Medawar said...


If Miss Geller sponsors the EDL, which in turn tried to keep SHAC and other AR groups running last year, does anyone know if she directly sponsored SHAC or the Staffordshire grave-robbers at all? If so, it would be part of a destabilization campaign against the UK, rather than because she likes fluffy bunnies.