Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vultures gather round the corpse of SHAC

Reports reach us that flies are buzzing round the SHAC trail in Winchester. Prominent parasites Luke and Brendan have been seen already and the queen of desperation, Loony Lyn is due on Monday!

Poor old SHAC - can't even die with dignity.



ftp said...

SHAC are having a little hissy fit at the moment because they have been excluded from the soul searching about undercover policeman Mark Kennedy/Stone being exposed. It seems that SHAC are not trusted to be part of the inner circle who worked out he was a copper.

Lynn is of course sniffing around trying to be 'involved' but has been rebuffed by even Nottingham Veggies. The same Veggies group that knew a copper was attending their planning meetings but decided to try and hush it up so other activist groups wouldn't think bad of them.

Anonymous said...

SHAC know full well the fall out for them will be bad over this. Mark came to the wider activist and anarchist movement via the SHAC / AR route. He was vouched for at one early stage by a senior SHAC person and it seems likely had already provided a massive amount of info on SHAC/ALF before he moved on to other activist work.

One or two of the Veggies catering group had worries about him back in February this year but were told to, "stop spreading rumours" by the Fool Buttle. Woops !

I doubt the Fool knew the truth as he is too stupid to unveil an undercover cop unless he turned up in full uniform, holding a notebook and saying "evening all".

all in all a very bad weekend for SHAC who are having to respond to tough questions from others over why they supported him.

Once was a Sumac user said...

It's a bit rich of the Veggies crowd at Sumac to be putting their name to this acusation - it was them who had an undercover policeman present at meetings and involved with planning events back in March this year. An incident they tried to hush up before somebody let the cat out of the bag on a vegan website.