Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Censored at Indylies - Published here!

This was posted then censored at Indylies along with 9 other posts critical of SHAC - SHACWATCH will always step in and right oppresive censorship - particularly when it's about SHAC

Lots of attempts to talk this up with posts to the usual websites (Indylies etc) saying, "not to bad", "could have been worse" etc etc. The real state of affairs is of course very different.
At least three of them expected to walk away yesterday under 'time served' so going back to jail was a shock.

The total jail time for the bigger fish was longer than anticipated and this last round of court time has pretty much bought SHAC to an end as an AR campaign group.

The important work in AR is now being done by others who have distanced themselves from SHAC recognising that real results are achieved through politics not by getting middle aged women with hormonal problems, pre op transexuals and the more extreme parts of the feminist movement ("all men are rapists") to stand outside buildings and shout through megaphones.

SHAC is finaly near death and SHACWatch has played a part in that killing, the important work of animal welfare can now be concentrated on.


former SHAC supporter said...

Also being covered up what the massive embarrasement of the near zero turn out at a number of "solidarity" demos. Call outs were given for the Court on the day (four people turned up) Highgate Farm (two people) HLS (three people).

In the emails I received there was a real desperation to get people to these events but I also had a number of friends who are pissed off about being used when they know that these demos achieve nothing.

SHAC is near death - time for the humane killer ?

Anonymous said...

Talking of censored: The damage caused by firstly Adrian Radford and now Mark Stone is a subject that SHAC are doing all they can to cover up.

SHACWATCH readers must remember how SHAC supporters such as Lynn Sawyer were all over Indymedia telling us that there was no infiltrator and that reports of one were "disinformation" and a "NECTU campaign". This continued right up to the point Radford was revealed when SHAC did a 100% U turn and started saying they had known about Radford all along and he was unimportant, a story that continues to this day despite Radford's evidence being used in two SHAC trials.

Stone was introduced by a SHAC person to the wider activist community (they don't like that being talked about) and frequently vouched for by SHAC people when he got involved in new groups. The full extent of the informaiton he passed to the police may never be known but without doubt anybody who was on any SHAC mailing list, email newsletter or had been known to the leadership is now fully known to the authorities.

IMCister said...

Please do not tar us all with the same brush.

Censorship is a hot button for Indymedia and not all admins agree with the way that SHAC manipulates the newswire for their own means while hiding critical comments.

At the last network meeting in London (back in July) I had a number of side meetings with people many of whom would quite happily see SHAC posts banned from the newswire but SHAC has a couple of very strong supporters who would block this so the status quo is maintained.

It's well known that the 'new' Indymedia (London and Northern) are likely to break away from the UK network very soon and I think it's likely that following the split SHAC related posts will be banned from both of those sites.

Love and Peace



Thank you - good to know.

Oscar Wilde said...

Another SHAC screw up.

Recently nabbed Jason Mullan is already down as a "pain in the arse" at his new prison. Despite repeated requests from his girlfriend Lucy SHAC losers bombarded the prison with phone calls 'demanding' he get to read letters written to him. Only problem letters to him were not blocked just going through security checks like any other common prisoners mail.

Now Jason is seen as a 'problem' prisoner - I'm sure he's really happy to have SHAC's 'support'.


On behalf of the collective said...

Indymedia maintains a commitment to Animal Rights and a stated opposition to Speciesism in all forms however we do have issues with the way SHAC has operated over the past few years.

A number of IMC moderators have received emails and calls from SHAC supporters demanding they do what SHAC wants and this is counter productive to progress (like any person IMC mods do not like to get threats).

A proposal to block SHAC posts is currently being discussed by a number of mods from the full IMC UK network collective and until that is completed no action will be taken.

This is expected to be resolved at the December network meeting with a proposal to block SHAC related postings (but not AR related posted) likely to pass and be adopted.

Anonymous said...

The following was also quickly removed from the Indylies UK site, in contradiction of their own rules no notification was given to the moderation list and no agreement was made to remove the post rather than just hiding it - will other mods stand up to SHAC bullying, have they got the guts ?


In 2004, a major police investigation was launched into the criminal activities linked to SHAC, led by five south-eastern forces where animal rights extremist crime was highest - Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Thames Valley. Specialist support was also provided by the Serious Organised Crime Agency and City Of London Police's economic crime unit.

DCI Andy Robbins, of Kent Police, who led the operation said: "We are very satisfied with the outcome today.

"The sentences passed today by the Crown Court in Winchester are a fitting reflection of the systematic and relentless intimidation of individuals and their employers, carried out by a small group of criminals.

"I would like to pay tribute to the many victims who had endured the criminal campaign, in some cases over many years, and who were prepared, if it had been necessary, to give evidence in court.

"The criminal tactics employed by members of SHAC - which ranged from sending threatening e-mails to placing explosive devices - were designed to create a climate of fear among their victims

"Such tactics have no place in a democratic society and in no way reflect the peaceful protests carried out by the vast majority of legitimate animal welfare campaigners.

"The police service remains committed to facilitating the peaceful protest of the majority, but as we have seen today, we will not tolerate individuals who try and use crime to force their targets into submission."


Seems that SHAC's 'usefull idiots' are keen to have the truth about SHAC campaigns hidden.

The truth as ever will out, SHAC are nothing more than common criminals who do not reflect the views of those working toward animal rights.

Information giver said...

"former SHAC supporter" made a very good point about low numbers.

25 Oct - Camb Police 2 people
28 Oct - Munch Germany, 2 people
28 Oct - AstraZeneca Luton, 3 people

and the funniest of all, the one that didn't make it to the SHAC site

29 Oct - AstraZeneca 2 persons. One of whom had a minor accident when she fell over outside the factory and had to be treated by AZ first aid people. Afterwards the AZ first aider told the SHACer that the disinfectant he had just used was tested by......... HLS.

Anonymous said...

SHAC did a massive call around and email sending to try and boost numbers for a demo outside Astra Zeneca on Friday which included the following quote,

"as some of you may have seen we are getting hit really hard by SHACWATCH at the moment as it seems they are monitoring how many people turn up for demos and putting it on their website - we must get more to this demo. Please please come along"

It worked really well, last time there was three people, this time five people.

Roy Bard said...

Frankly the ramblings of the self obsessed, 'jews are running the world' Indymedia UK site are worth sod all. SHAC may have been a danger at one point but Indymedia was never a threat beyond sending its readers to sleep.

Medawar said...

Maily Dail gives them an informative write-up.

300 plus activists all compromised by attending SHAC strategy meeting at East Peckham!

Anonymous said...

Are HLS really testing disinfectants? This is a bit shocking. Why bother testing disinfectants there's plenty of good ones that my grandma even used in her time! Even a common one such as Germolene was invented long before HLS started in the 1950's.

I am for testing on animals when it's needed and am against SHAC but hearing that they test things such as disinfectants on animals makes me wonder why?!

Anonymous said...

Regards the above comment related to testing disinfectants on animals, you are falling into the classic SHAC baited trap of assuming that all testing at HLS is carried out on animals.

A look at the website will show they offer all manner of chemistry and in vitro tests in addition to animal work. Whilst there may be a requirement under REACH to test a new disinfectant formulation in animals (to address problems of resistance for instance), “Tested at HLS” is not equivalent to “Tested on Animals”

Anonymous said...

The indy view of SHAC


one struggle one fight? Really now...
04.11.2010 19:10

Except it's not one struggle one fight is it. C'mon everyone on Indy knows what the typical animal rights folk are like, they pump their single issue campaign as hard as they can but when it comes to Faslane, stopping new coal mines, EDO, protesting government cuts, protesting Israeli war crimes, where the hell are you all? No where to be seen.

To busy enjoying your cushy middle class lifestyles to give a shit about anything other than 'animal rights'. Cry a fucking waterfall when your mates get locked up but where's the support for other campaigners who've fallen on the wrong side of the law? You're deafly silent then.
Indy regular