Sunday, April 25, 2010

SHAC panned by the BBC

This Video has been sent to SHACWATCH by a reader - thanks as we missed it!

In it we have The Fool saying 'you can imprison as many of us as you like' - Thanks fool - that is what is happening - lots more going down soon! He also says he doesn't think anybody has been terrorised by SHAC - clearly his low protein diet is affecting his mental faculty.

There is also an incoherent ramble from Debz (was she drunk?)

The balanced report contains the fact that in the last 6 years animal testing in the UK has increased each year - hows about that for a performance indicator SHAC?

Great stuff - UAAC


Anonymous said...

Debbie Vincent has a very big and offensive mouth.

Debbie Vincent talks far too much...Debbie Vincent is talking to people he shouldn't be talking too.

Does the hormone treatment that Debbie Vincent has taken [being a transexual] involve plant remedies? No it bloody well doesn't you faking liar "Debbie".

A sex change involves hormones taken from pregnant horses who are shackled their entire lives and "milked" for their urine so that transgender people like Debbie big mouth Vincent can have a BETTER SEX LIFE!

Hypocrites. Liars. Troublemakers and weirdos who turn a blind eye to disgusting animal cruelty as and when it suits them.

If prolific thrill seeking shop lifter Alan Buttle wants to go to jail...fine. It's rarely about the animals with thse attention seeking idiots. Rebellion it's what it's about for Buttle. He's out to annoy his father. Go to to prison for stealing out of Sainsburys Buttle you petty little criminal!


SHACWATCH respects you anger - we can't disagree with anything you have written (albeit we don't know about the horses!)

Anonymous said...

It's very telling about the mindset of SHACWATCH who boast about the number of animals being used in laboratories going up over the last 6 years. Will you only be happy when the whole of the UK is turned into an animal testing lab!?


SHACWATCH commnents on the rise in animal testing only as a indicator of the utter failure of SHAC and all similar camapaigns.
SHACWATCH takes a rational view of animal testing, balancing the needs of humans against the welfare of animals.

Medawar said...

Quite a lot of animal testing is driven by the fear of litigation and the pressure of European regulation, rather than the expansion of human knowledge. Anyone actually wanting to reduce the number of animals used, rather than fight ideological battles, would concentrate on: Insurance companies, less scrupulous law firms and the European Commission, rather than farmers, delivery van drivers and harmless grannies.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the BBC relies on the word of Simon Festing, a spokesman for animal testing. A man who spiked trees at Newbury which injured working class tree cutters. A man who called for physical violence against road workers and the police. He is now a paid spokesman supporting testing on animals.

Simon festing is directly responsible for injuring my brother in the 90's, will SHAC Watch say anything against him?


Simon Spikes trees - Alan The Fool smashes windows of charity shops and Debz - well need we say more.
An unpleasant film about unpleasant people.

London Shacwatcher said...

Well SHAC must have just hated that. Their campaign shown to be both violent and to have failed, their nominated spokesperson (Buttle) shown up to be misinformed, unable to answer questions and simply wrong on matters of science. HLS comes out of the piece as a world class science research lab and SHAC as a near terrorist organisation with 10 years of utter failure behind it.

SHAC people often complain their campaign does not get mainstream publicity, for their sake they better not get anymore !

I guess we will not be seeing a link from the SHAC site anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Shows how much you lot know! Premarin a hormone drug taken from horses piss is used for post menopausal women and NOT trans gender people.
There are plenty of plant based and synthetic oestrogen hormone tablets on the market and I'm sure Debbie knows this already unlike Mandy. FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Premarin IS used in male to female gender reassignment therapy.

Anonymous said...

The great SHAC rebranding continues: -

Following on from the various attemps by Luke to increase his bank balance we now have The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance. A new name for the same old group of SHAC rats yet to leave the sinking ship. The revelations about where SHAC money was spent have made it very difficult to keep the cash rolling in so that old AR stand by of a renaming has been activated - anything to keep those street collections and standing orders coming.

Will the SHAC useful idiots be able to keep the destination of the money secret - let's see

Anonymous said...

Premarin has been and still is used by transexuals [male to female] although Estrafem is more likely to be used nowadays. Premarin is less effective than other Estragen based TS drugs and patients dislike the dubious way it is extracted from pregnant mares. It is used for menopausal women however this is not the only use for it. It is rare for TS patients to use plant based Estragens and there are few clininal trials into plant based Estragens for TS use.

Anonymous said...

Synthetic TS hormones are tested on animals.


Enough disgusting horse derived drugs discusion.

London SHACWatcher said...

The curse of SHAC

SHAC people are now considered an inpediment to Animal Rights. SHACWATCH readers may be aware of a long running campaign to prevent a new animal research lab opening in London. SHAC of course saw this as an opportunity to

i) collect money
2) recruit some more gullible fools
3) collect money
4) take over the campaign and control the money

However it seems the local AR people were wise to SHAC in advance and have done all they can to keep SHAC out, one local AR person spoke for many when he/she said,

"We do not want SHAC here. They are already pissing off the residents. They are causing trouble and no one wants them here in Somers Town other than to show local people what they are really like. They do not have local support.

A resident campaigner Mukul Hira, a respected and well liked Bengali community leader [also from the UAF] has been described as there being "no room for the Halal butcher in this campign" by animal rights even though he helped to orgainse the residents campaign against the lab. Why should the [mostly Bengali Muslim] community support the animal rights if you are going to speak of local people and Halal in this way? Other residents too have been abused by SHAC

A Somers Town resident watching said "This is SHAC. They will kick off. They are already pissing people off here, if they continue to piss people off locally there is going to be trouble and people need to see what they are like. The council needs to see this".

Another Somers Town resident a father of mixed race children said "You know half of them (SHAC) are in the BNP. One was in the paper the other day. Scum."

Local young Bengali youths watching the protesters said "That's not the Camden Residents, these are the SHAC. Don't join in with them. Wait until the Camden residents have their protest and go to that. Keep away from the SHAC people, all they want is to take your money. F**k those people."

The UKCMRI have offered funding for local schools. This needs to be weighed against the destruction to local young people by SHAC animal rights people trying to recruit locally.

SHAC people need to read this message :

You have shown disrespect to people living here. We do not support you and we don't want you."

A major campaign has correctly identified SHAC as a money making cult that grooms young people, is focused on money making and upsets and insults those who it views as 'expendable'

Anonymous said...

Talking of weird ramblings by Debz, take a look at this.

Lots of embarrased staring at the floor and mumbling from the (small) crowd as debz once again makes clear why he/she should be kept away from public microphones.

Anonymous said...

SHAC and Stop Newchurch Guinea Pigs activist Anne Arnold [also of of Nottinghamshire and Cambridge AR] admits that she is a "White Pride Nationalist".
She's "not BNP or NF", but hasn't denied support for Combat 18, British Peoples Party, EDL, Blood and Honour, Stormfront etc. She has Union Jack and St George Cross flags hnging from the upstairs bedroom windows of her house.
It doesn't matter how many times that SHAC claim not to be right wing [because this puts off funders who are not from the far right], they are right wing and there are more of them from the far right than anyone either realises or will admit.

Anonymous said...

how pathetic,whats wrong with hanging our national doesnt mean were rascists,there are millions of flags from other countrys flown all over england..does that mean they all hate england? this sounds like another warped attack by a person we all know trying to discredit ppl.i know ppl that hang both flags to support the english football team.go to any country and they will hang their flags.this is england ffs to show our support for our country doesnt make us bnp,edl ect..i think shacwatch should block this persons activitys..shes warped and boring and nobody listens to her anyway.