Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well Done Austria.....

Die Spitze des Eisbergs
This is Martin - Martin runs the ALF in Austria - he has been in the UK too and is a good mate of Keith Mann ( although he isn't a space alien).

The Austrian state has decided it is fed up with the childish, dishonest and disgusting actions of the ALF and SHAC so they are prosecuting them and putting them in cages - just like they did in the UK.

Well Done Austria - lets see if other EU nations can clear SHAC out as well. As they say in Austria - Bis alle werden in Käfigen gehalten


Anonymous said...

Some of the worst things done in the name of SHAC have been done in Switzerland and Austria, the same individuals probably being responsible for both grave robbery and arson. Some attention should be paid to Thorwald Proll, brother of the Red Brigade Terrorist, Astrid Proll. While the Stasi and the Libyans were teaching Sis' to fire machine guns and blow things up, Thorwald did an arson course, and did burn downa department store, before the Stasi gave him a financial crime course and he moved to Switzerland.

Worth noting that, shortly before the introduction of the Euro, IFAW Germany moved DM200,000,000 out of the country and refused to account for where it had come from, or where it had gone.

Medawar said...

In Switzerland , too.

It isn't clear what IBM's nano-technology research has to do with animals.

Anonymous said...

Bite Back reminds sympathizers that all mail sent to the arrestees will be translated into German and read by the prosecutors with great interest. Obviously, not even SHAC would stoop to:

"The Germans are a cruel race: their operas last ten hours and there is no word for 'fluffy' in their language."
(attrib: Captain Edmund Blackadder).