Friday, February 20, 2009

Testing Times for SHAC

SHAC are advertising a 'big' demo in the city - they are still pursuing their failed policy of demonstrating outside finacial houses - hasn't worked so far but SHAC can't work that out.
Now the last demo they did in Huntingdon was a bit pathetic and they got about 200 idiots. That was before the 50 year prision terms though - so lets say SHAC could expect 100 this time round.

Any less than 100 and the the SHAC campaign has failed - utterly.

Until all are caged.

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Anonymous said...

Poor old Lynn Sawyer has been all over Indymedia UK during the last few hours trying to repair the damage done by this revelation. Last year Lynn was one of those pouring scorn on the warnings about police infiltration of SHAC and WARN that were on Indymedia and now we know it was all true after all.
Lynn's approach is to claim a laughable "we knew about him all along". Funny then that she denied any infiltration of SHAC and called the claims of those who were issuing warnings "disinformation" and "utter lies" Will she now be apologising to the readers of Indymedia or will she continue to treat us all to her inside knowledge of SHAC procedures and information ?