Saturday, February 14, 2009

Broughton Bagged

10 years - is this finally getting through to you SHAC/SPEAK/ALF - your ineffective, immature and futile campaign has failed.

Until ALL are caged.


Medawar said...


Anonymous said...

SHAC will win

Medawar said...

No, SHAC will not win, the most they can achieve is their own version of the Battle for Berlin, with the surviving ALF leadership moving imaginary bunny-hugger divisions around a battlemap in a bunker, probably situated on John Curtin's allotment in Coventry.

Only pointless atrocity lies within their grasp, just as it was in the seventies when the Band of Mercy burned piglets to death "to set them free".

Medawar's complete and utter loathing of the ALF isn't solely caused by the hateful things they do to people: their mink releases exterminated water voles from much of the UK, lapwings, too, if the truth were known -and the pig breeding unit arson was as harrowing a scene as Medawar has ever set eyes upon.