Monday, February 2, 2009

ALF / SHAC botch another liberation

Wow - these fools are really falling apart!

Shawatchers have brought our attention to another censored Indylies post - it would seem that yet another ALF cell wanted to mark the imprisonment of their fellow travelers by freeing a few chickens. Naturally they botched the whole affair due to incompetence and personal inadequacy.

Now Shacwatchers - we need more detail - who got nicked? - who was with that fool? How long will they go down for?


Medawar said...

Some of them apparently have the time to post comments on Medawar's blog:

It reminds one, strongly, not only of the NAZIs, but also of the Spanish Inquisition. (I had rather been expecting this, oddly enough.)

The comment from "Chris" (how's the weather, Malvern way?) isn't really a question: it's statement of faith, dissent from which instantly condemns the heretic.

Since Medawar has been the victim, on and off, of violence and harassment from these people and their masters since the seventies, he knows better than anyone that there is nothing to be gained from agreeing with them.

Thomas Cranmer was heckled and harassed into renouncing his own, reasoned, beliefs, for the dogma of the Inquisition. He instantly regretted it, and when he was burned at the stake (for saying that people should read the Bible for themselves, in their own language, which is now official vatican policy, but probably NOT the view of the present Pope) Cranmer thrust his hand into the flames, saying that as it had signed the Vatican's recantion, his hand should be the first part of him to perish.

As with most of the non-ALF gangstalkers, what they want is each and every victim to avow that the stalkers were RIGHT to stalk them. Give them anything but that!

Did the failed chicken liberation have anything to do with the convicted ALF burglar, Alan Clark, of Romford? The Romford ALF are a sort of crossover group, because it's funny how often they contrive to attack black and asian people in the name of animal rights!

Medawar said...

The ALF are now trying to rewrite history, firstly, by rewriting what Medawar claimed in his reply to their comment on his blog.

In order to deny that the ALF took over the Freedom Press by violence, in 1979, they claim that the year it didn't happen in was 1990!

In doing so, they fail to deny that both Ronnie Lee and Paul Watson have expressed the view that 90% of the human race needs to be exterminated in order to make more room for contented locusts or whatever!

Anyway, you once remarked that they had suddenly stopped leaving cheerful little responses to your exposures: now you know where they have gone. Medawar will try and look after them for you.