Monday, December 29, 2008

The Loon is back....

Having no life Loony Lynn has been on the internet again over Xmas. This poor,sad deluded harpie is more than a pathetic joke these days as she is responsible for encouraging youngsters into actions she herself wouldn't dare to attempt - she has no shame and only a scant grip on reality.

2009 will be your year Lynny!


Medawar said...

She's a little bit selective, in that one of those "peaceful" convicted terrorists, ranted that he'd be happy to kill (murder) everyone at HLS, and none of the others present at the meeting reminded him that the ALF is supposedly non-violent and pretends to stop short of murder.

In a sense, though, we might be grateful to SHAC for setting a precedent where the police actually deal with organised stalking, because the ALF are not the only ones doing it.

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of whining bastards!!

Richard Bradley
Sadly I'm not allowed to volunteer here (DWP rules) but would if I could.
That said there are some basics that need to be got right from the beginning going forward.
Hygiene of everyone volunteering needs to improve dramatically and food areas need cleaning as people go along.
Using Linda McCartney sausages is a terrible cop-out, they are of extremely poor quality and just let down the meal generally.
Hot food should be piping hot and cold food should be cold, cold but burnt sausages should never again be served to people.

The Devil breakfasts are what this place is really famous for, they need to be as good as they were two years ago or better (home-made baked beans, decent sausages, rasher,seasoned diced spuds, grilled tomato, fried onions and mushrooms with well seasoned scrambled tofu and a pancake on the side) all sauces need to be available. Tinned baked beans can be forgiven but skimping on anything else can't. If the quality is low then people won't come and those that have had a bad experience, say with moldy bread being served with cold soup, seeing bad hygiene from staff, or just getting really poor quality food and rude service will blog about it, tweet about it and generally reduce the reputation of this once great space further and reduce the chance of more people coming.

I really hope you guys can get this place back up to where it was a few years ago and better but as it stands I couldn't recommend Pogo to anyone.

Cherry Edwards really HAVE had bad experiences Richard! I can't comment on anything else, but I have to agree about breakfast. The Devil breakfast used to be WELL worth travelling from outside London for. I loved Pogo so much I even bought the T-shirt! The first day I was served the 'new' style breakfast with Linda McCartney Sausages and bland tofu was the last time I visited.
Thursday at 08:56

Richard Bradley sel: Makerfield got back to me after ages and said that unfortunately places like Pogo don't qualify as there is no clear charitable or public service cause (i.e. healthcare, painting fences in the community etc) and even within a co-operative style of organization it is work which would ordinarily be paid for (as far as they're concerned). As such ESA claimants are not allowed to volunteer in places like Pogo.

Cherry: Had some pretty bad experiences and some good experiences but in the last while the misses have been far more numerous than the hits and the hits just not as good as they were.
The best vegan breakfasts I've had are the one you made at the house-warming and that made by café Kino in Bristol (if it's still as good as it used to be).
Thursday at 10:45

Anonymous said...


Lia Saywhat I just wanted to quickly comment that in the past we have varied, trying different types of sausages (including some we have made ourselves) and it always seemed that the Linda McCartneys were actually a favourite, which is why often we use them. As it seems now that this is no longer the case, we will of course be looking at alternatives.
Rememeber, Pogo is a collective run by volunteers, we love to hear your suggestions and comments, although this is much better done by emailing us directly at (and we also have a suggestions book in the cafe)
Pogo is everyone's, if you think we could improve on some things, then simply just let us know.
Obviously at the moment with our spiraling financial problems and lack of volunteers, we are often very short staffed and therefore happy to just be open, but this can mean sometimes that unfortunately the standard of the food is not as good as other times, if it's being made by someone who is trying to flip burgers, wash dishes, make milkshakes and take customer orders all at the same time - and it might only be their second shift there!
Please just remember that everyone who works there does it totally without pay and we can't all be perfect :) I have caused myself almost to break down at times when we are severely short staffed, just because it was so important to me that customers were not disappointed with us being closed, or not serving food. But perhaps we should try to think about eachother more, rather than if our burger takes an extra 10 minutes longer than normal.
Sorry this message became so long, but it's something that really saddens me. And also while writing this message, i have been told that our front of house is sick today, so it will be yet another day of volunteers being rushed off their feet to fill the gap =/ So if you go to Pogo today, please try your best to be understanding, and perhaps even offer to help out if you have some spare time?