Monday, December 15, 2008

Jury Out

As we predicted the jury went out at the end of last week.

So not long to wait now before final judgement is passed on the failed conspiracy that was SHAC.

Shacwatch is expecting nice healthy terms around the 10 year mark - this is the only message that SHAC will heed - it won't cure them, just look at GISBOURNE ! However their victims will get a rest whislt the idiots rot in Winchester.

BTW What is the best way to prepare for an ASBO hearing - yes you got it, get nicked twice more for yobish behavior - foolish indeed.

Until ALL are caged (and it won't be long)


Anonymous said...

I came to you from the chaos that is Indymedia UK. I was once a supporter of animal rights but once I realised that most of those involved are ego driven extremists who care less for animal welfare than they do getting their names in the papers then I moved on.

The cause of animal rights will never be advanced as long as the wider public are told rubbish like they must be 100% Vegan before they can be considered 'real' supporters or that there have been no advances in medicine because of animal research (untrue of course).

Groups like SHAC have probably set back the cause of animal rights by a generation in the UK and the sooner we are rid of them the better.

Anonymous said...

jurys back. mostly guilty. sentenceing in jan.