Sunday, May 8, 2011

SHAC - 11 years of failure (and still counting)

Formed in 1999 SHAC publicly stated they would close HLS in two years. They failed!

They failed in 2001
They failed in 2002
They failed in 2003
They failed in 2004
They failed in 2005
They failed in 2006
They failed in 2007 and went to prison!


They failed in 2008
They failed in 2009
They failed in 2010

Guess how they are doing in 2011!

SHAC - another word for failure


bored of shac said...

Failure? what are you talking about? If SHAC has failed why is there isa SHAC workshop at the big 2011 animal rights meeting. I can imagine it now; "SHAC is stronger then ever", "Just one more year and we can beat HLS". Someone should go and film it and give us all a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

It's ok some have moved on from SHAC. The more extreme end of the loony scale are on places like Indymedia where one group has been calling for wild birds to be protected from cats !
As Indymedia has now been stolen by the SHAC friendly Mayday group comments pointing out that these people are nuts were of course hidden


Anonymous said...

When the SHAC group lists their weird little 'workshop' at the 2011 animal rights gathering as proof of their existence we know the group is on its last legs !

meathead said...

on it's last legs? haha it is flat on its back!

Maybe the fool will take up a slot on the 4th plinth?