Thursday, January 22, 2009

Evil and Wicked

A hypocritical sham of a campaign - the words of the high court Judge as he sent SHAC down for 50 years - he also imposed indefinite Anti Social Behavior Orders on the leaders. They have demonstrated that they cannot behave as normal people do and thus their 'right' to protest is forfeit.

In true SHAC cowardly form some pond scum then published the home address of the judge and suggested comments be made about his recently deceased son - even other indymedia posters judged that to be disgusting behaviour and the deatils were quickly withdrawn - pathetic SHAC is that what you are reduced to?

Until ALL are caged


Medawar said...

Good result, but not long enough for it to be safe to completely and utterly forget that they ever existed, which is a pity because I'd like to.

Mel Broughton's retrial started this week. A result there would really make Medawar's month!

It's positive, in that it establishes the law of blackmail as a weapon against gangstalkers in general, and not just ALF ones. This isn't a tactic which they invented and they certainly don't have a monopoly on it.

Does it become nicer when "Combat 18" do essentially the same thing? No. I think the essential is that if you try and change someone else's lawful behaviour by the sustained threat and use of force, you go to jail.

They grind on about the right to protest, but protesting is what Donald Soper did, this is the application of force, not argument or rational persuasion -and even that should not be pursued to the point of ranting oppression, which is the difference between Donald Soper and Bruce Kent.

Medawar said...

Mel Broughton has now joined the ranks of martyrs, cruelly persecuted for their belief in stalking, violence, persecution and arson.

He will be canonised via Indymedia in due course.